Monday, November 12, 2007

random monday thoughts.

  • feeling a little blah the past few days. no energy to do anything. no desire to do anything. i hate that feeling.
  • found out a few weeks ago that my greatgrandmother's house on diley road was being torn down and in the process they discovered a log cabin underneath the siding. the root family was the first to settle in that area. they stopped decontruction when they found the log cabin intact and had plans to preserve it. so i took a little drive over to take pictures of it and discovered it was gone. only thing standing was the rickety barn and the summer house. made me a little sad. i spent a good amount of time when i was little at that house.
  • i've also been meaning to take pictures of the Pearce farm---another place i spent a good amount of time during my childhood years. and now it's too late. found out through email this morning that it's been torn down recently. the farm was sold a while back and is now being turned into a nature preservation....i think.
  • spent a good part of last week burning CDs to back-up digital photos. i've only made it through 2006. *sigh*
  • christmas is only 6 weeks away! EEEK!
  • heading back to work part-time soon. i'd been planning on finding something in the evenings, but out of the blue an old employer called to see if i could work part-time for them. it couldn't have worked out better. i haven't worked outside the home everyday since before ashlyn was born. a little nervous about the change.
  • Spongebob Atlantis is on tonight. why didn't anyone give me some advance notice? we need to plan a party. don't they know we have a tradition to keep? 0 days, 9 hours, 19 minutes, 37 seconds, 36, 35, 34.....
  • is it weird that i want to put up my Christmas tree already?
  • anyone have the recipe for hashbrown cheesy potato casserole? that's the ultimate comfort food. mom used to make it a lot.
  • just realized i missed Papa Crist's birthday........again. *sigh* i'm sorry Papa. in the best singing voice i can muster..."happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday my sweet, lovable, dear paaaaaaaaaapaaaaaaaaa. happy birthday to you." guess it's my turn to continue the cream 'n sugar pie tradition, eh?
  • making chili today. mmmmmmmmmm.
  • counseling tonight.

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