Thursday, February 21, 2008

blowoff work?


yeah, suzi. good idea.
but, uh. never again.
but it was fun while it lasted.
next time i don't go to work, the kids will still be going to the sitter.
for sure.

the idea of blowing off work and playing in the snow was a little too enticing. we haven't had much of it this winter. and emma, she's a little snow bunny. so i caved. there wasn't anything for me to do at work except answer the phone, so i decided not to brave the icy roads with my not-so-reliable beater of a car and play hookie for the day. all in all, it was a good decision.

yesterday morning we woke up to snow. hmmmm. is that what was throwing ashlyn all of kilter? i have no clue. maybe it was the lunar eclipse? maybe her clothes were rubbing her the wrong way? maybe she needed another hour of sleep. i have no idea, but if i have another day like yesterday anytime in the near future, it's gonna drive me to drink.

totally kidding. but it was bad.

suzi's around these parts a lot and she even commented that she's never seen them be so disrespectful and disobedient. and she has a high tolerance for my kiddos.

so, suzi had this brilliant idea to go to the park and play in the snow. yes. that's right. in ohio, we actually got snow. you'd think we lived in the south this winter with the lack of snow falling around here.

not yesterday. like i said, we woke up to it snowing and it was supposed to taper off early morning. but it kept falling, and falling and falling until we had almost 4" of snow. the light fluffy, almost fake looking type of snow. not snowman making snow. bummer.

but good for catching on your tongue snow.
and good for making snow angels snow.

it was pretty, but it was soooooooooo COLD!
really cold.
we all had layers upon layers of clothes on and the temps still chilled you to the bone.

and you know what. this is the only part of the day that ashlyn stuck her little attitude in her pocket and enjoyed herself. she was giddy over a little icicle. her first icicle, she said. i find that hard to believe seeing how we lived up north in the real snow belt for the first three years of her life. anywho, she was amused with it.

once we were home, she pulled that 'tude right back out and put it to work. i'm in big trouble when she gets in those teen years. Lord give me strength.


  1. The photos look like fun. I'm so sorry about the Mom-stuff. It won't last...

  2. I hate attitude. Drives me insane. Especially when I've done something nice for them and then I get it. I don't think so!!! But you got some lovely photos, Tania! I hope today is a much more pleasant day attitude-wise. :)

  3. great snow photos! My kids would have had a blast!! :)

    We have a 'no attitude' rule in our house. Not even in the teen years. It's just not allowed. Completely unacceptable. Seems to work for us.

  4. Attitude is an inherited trait especially on the female side of the family.Good luck each generation is worse. At least you can look forward to the days when Emmma and Ash have to deal with theirs!

  5. Sorry the girls are having issues. I feel the same way about Jenna, dreading the teen years as she already has a bit of the sassy teen in her now. Yikes! Looks like they had fun in the snow. We've had a ton, and I'm MAJORLY sick of it. Hang in there!


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