Friday, February 22, 2008

the story of the egg timer.


this is a snapshot of our everyday life around here. not just putting together one puzzle, but 10 of them in a row. usually the ones in which the boxes haven't survived through overuse, leaving no picture to refer too. those are the fun ones. this one, though, still has a box.

everyday. putting together puzzles to the constant ticking of the chicken timer, that's seen better days. and the kitchen table splattered with layers upon layers of paint showing evidence of our messy thrilling life. as much as i want a brand new shiny table, this one has served us well and shows much evidence of our love of scribbling crafting, sometimes outside the boundaries of the project.

for whatever reason, ashlyn has really taken a liking to this egg timer. i think now that she is in school and hears the bells ring for the other students signaling lunchtime or switching class time, that this is her way of having some consistency of that same routine at home. it goes with her everywhere she goes.....along with her raggedy ann baby. which she's now lovingly named "anna".

somewhere along the way, it's lost the red piece that goes in the top. and it's been opened up and taken apart to see how the parts work and what makes it tick. then, put back together.

she cranks it to whatever time she wants and if she's in the middle of something when it goes off and isn't ready to switch tasks, she cranks it some more adding more time.

just one of those things that makes me laugh. seriously the amount of joy she gets over a measly little egg timer makes me ridiculously happy.

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  1. I love that it is in the form of a chicken! How have u been? I have been so busy trying to get life back together after this move,we miss u give the girls some love from me! Nena


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