Wednesday, February 27, 2008

studio storage.


1. Framed Lace Cardstock, 2. Repurposed Window Frame, 3. Repurposed: Tarlet Pans, 4. initials, 5. Repurposed: Tea Kettle, 6. jars, 7. Repurposed: Bundt Pan, 8. Pegboard Storage, 9. Pegboard Storage, 10. Repurposed: 2-tier serving tray, 11. happy corner!, 12. Ribbons, Buttons, Tags, oh my!, 13. CREATE, 14. Mail Organizer: Cardstock Scrap Storage, 15. Prism Cardstock, 16. Storage Shelf/Dresser, 17. Karen Foster Design Stickers, 18. side desk, 19. Repurposed Storage: Tea Kettle, 20. Repurposed Storage: Bundt Pan, 21. Milk Glass and Icecream Pedastal, 22. Garden Box: Ink Storage, 23. Metal Plates, 24. Scrapper's Floss, 25. Adhesive Storage: Open, 26. Adhesive Storage: Closed, 27. Repurposed: Tartlet Pan, 28. Repurposed: Condiment Server, 29. Studio30. Not available

last post about the studio, i promise. it's getting a little old, eh? sorry. but some of you have asked to see. if you have more questions, just leave me a comment. (psssst....if you click on those blue orange links, it will take you to each picture to see it bigger and you can see more comments.

a little background: this room has been 3 years in the making. little by little, definitely not overnight. the desk was made by my dad using wooden doors that aren't predrilled for a knob. they were $15 each. we constructed a support for underneath and raw 4x4s hold it up. it's set up in a "L" shape. each door is 8" long and 30" deep. they are attached on the underneath with metal braces so they don't shift. the total cost of supplies was a little less than $85. the hutch on the top of my main area was found at the side of a dumpster just as a neighbor was moving. in perfect condition. FREE. everything else is storage from garage sales or goodwill or just given to me. oh, paint color was found at walmart: Late Tomato mixed in a higher grade paint. i've learned to be resourceful and i love thrift shopping. recycle and reuse. or frugal to a fault. i'm always thinking of ways i can use things in non-traditional ways. oh, and the pictures don't show it too well, but the room itself is really, really small. it's 9ft x 11ft. maybe that big. i'm probably guessing generously. what you haven't seen is underneath the desk. i use every last inch of space in that room since it's a shared craftroom with the girls.

anywho. anyone want a little package of scrappy goodness? i'm gearing up for a purging of the supplies. gotta keep it under control before it overtakes me. and the companies i work for are soooooo very generous. (heh. you thought i bought all that stuff, eh?). leave me a note in the comments and i'll send something your way!

happy thursday!


  1. I have been looking forward to this!

  2. I wish we could go thrift shopping together. I have a feeling you'd make a great junk-picking companion. :)

  3. If you're giving stuff away, uh... I'll take some! :)

    I already looked at your photos on flikr from the link on SS. I love all the red, and all the kitchen supplies!!! I can't believe what deals you got on some of that stuff - especially those 1 dollar boxes!!!!! So awesome! :)

  4. I'm off to devour your studio photos. I always love your photo and will surely find inspiration ---- too bad it's already 9pm in Texas, otherwise I'd be inspired to go thrifting!

  5. You are amazing! I am still in awe of your creativity and decorating abilities :) I just love what you have done with your room! I know how much of a challenge it was for you to get everything organized "just so". As always, you inspire me here in my small domain. It's been awhile since I've gotten to take advantage of your purging.... you could certainly send some up this Canton girls could put it to good use :)

  6. I always love to receive other people's castoffs and would love some of your stash. Enjoyed reading about your desk. I need a new house that is all an art studio. LOL


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