Monday, March 10, 2008

ahhhhhhh, monday.


per usual, a little monday randomness:
  • this timechange stuff is kickin' my rear. i'm tired. *yawn*
  • spent most of yesterday purging stuff from the studio. MAJOR purging. makes me happy.
  • feels good to lighten the amount of stuff collecting in our house. (petra, stacey, sherry, loretta, wendy....scrappy boxes on their way very, very soon---hope you have some muscles to lift these boxes.) *ETA: did i miss anyone?* (don't be shy.)
  • we ended up with 20.4" of snow, all in 24 hours. a new record for Columbus.
  • no school today means two little girls are off in a far away land with their creative imaginations.....but it doesn't come without fighting every 5 minutes.
  • excited to go to work today, just to rest. anyone else feel that way?
  • i have 12 bags of stuff for the kidney foundation who was supposed to pick-up today....i think the weather has them not coming.
  • my washer seems to be working now. as long as i don't run it on Super Load.
  • i think i need to re-learn the ropes of ebay to get some fundage out of outgrown toys. expensive outgrown toys.
  • it's really, really loose now. this might be the last day her smile looks like this:



  1. Sounds good - lightening the load and doing some spring cleaning can be SO liberating!

  2. Tania - you are so sweet to send scrappy stuff! I'm excited. :) I can't even imagine that much snow!!! I've been meaning to get back into ebay as well - I haven't used it in a while... and I'm in the middle of going through stuff too. Maybe someone on ebay wants the crap I don't want. :)

  3. Oh - and Darby has her first loose tooth too! She's SO excited!!

  4. Loretta Robinson3/11/2008 10:19:00 PM

    It is such a beautiful feeling to purge....such relief! I so need to do it more! Abby actually has a loose tooth too. Although it's barely loose. I'm excited for my goodie're awesome for sharing your stash :)


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