Sunday, March 02, 2008

the playroom is no longer clean.


or the whole house for that matter.

unable to straighten the house the past few days because of my back, has led to quite the choas around here. i'm normally in a constant pick up/clean mode and when i'm not, you can really tell.

and then you end up with scenes like the one above. it's what every little corner of my house looks like right now. clutter piles. everywhere. the culprit = ashlyn. i haven't quite pinpointed why it is that she does this, but it drives me nuts. she claims it's her classroom and she's teaching emma how to read and write.

i like to have a place for everything. orderly and organized. she likes to gather everything she could possibly need into an open corner or space and line it up. and NEVER put it away. i love her to pieces, but it's a little quirk she has that i'd rather see go away. far, far away.

so we'll be straightening and organizing today. and filling bags for donation along the way. have to be sneaky at doing that to avoid the meltdowns.


  1. Now, young lady (in my most stern voice possible), if I remember correctly, you are a member of a wonderful church family. These are the very times that I believe that organized religion actually serves a purpose - to rally round and give help where it is needed. NO woman can do it all. And you are right, sitting amidst clutter isn't going to make you feel better, but you physically cannot take care of it right now. So, turn to those who are likely just waiting to help. I know in our congregation we have a "caring committee" and all it takes is one phone call from either someone in need or someone who knows the person in need. They then start the phone tree and before you know it, help arrives. Look at that gal on John and Kate plus 8. A woman from their church actually comes and folds her laundry for her every Thursday. That's what you need - a local teen, a friend from church - anyone who can come and help while YOU PLAY (and rest and feel better!)

    Now go, pick up that phone and ask for help. It's not weak to need it - it's actually courageous to know and recognize that you need it. You'll be there for someone else when the time arrives - you know it.

  2. I actually agree with Ally, above. When we accept help from someone else, we are allowing them to be blessed by God. Truly. Is there anyone you can call to say "hey, please come help?" :)

    I do feel for you girl. I don't really have anyone to help here, though I do have older kids to help out... but I have messy kids *cough Darby cough* that leave messes EVERYwhere - drives me crazy too. I have had to learn not to see them. I'm sorry you are in pain with seemingly no end in sight though... that's gotta suck big time. Drug up and lie on the couch with some TV. And don't feel guilty!! :)


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