Friday, April 04, 2008

feel me better.

this post is all about miss emma grace. i've got to get some of this down before i forget, although i don't know how i could because it's such a part of our routine, day in and day out.

miss emma eats constantly. she's offered a huge variety of foods, but pretty much refuses all of them but a handful of favorites. not sure when it all changed, but she never used to be a picky eater at all. so, we trudge forward, and still offer her other foods. which is usually met with a "hrmmph" and crossing of arms and some pouting with a scowl on her face and then "i don't like that, it's yucky" being uttered with disgust in her cute little toddler voice. so the trusty standby is always toast or biscuits or cheese--and maybe a frozen yogurt popcicle---and definitely chicken soup (minus the chicken, 'cause it's yucky).

but every day, she tells me, over and over, "momma, my tummy hurts." so i scoop her up, rub her tummy and talk to her and usually ask "what should we do about it?" and it never fails "you make me chicken soup, momma?" "it feel me better." it's so stinkin cute, how could i ever deny that request? after a little snuggle, she's on her way to doing something else....for a little while anyway. but lately, it's become an every day thing. she wants chicken soup all day, every day. and grilled cheese. with the spiderman cup for her drink. don't even think about giving her any cup other than the spiderman one. she's obsessed for one reason or another, i haven't quite figured that one out yet.

while we're talking about favorites, here's some others:
superhero "popskools". the green ones take reign. papa at the beach got her hooked on these and now she seriously will NOT eat any other juice based popcicle unless it is these:
her ball collection. she's infatuated with any type of ball----especially the jumbo hi-bounce balls. she doesn't necessary bounce them and try to catch them, she just carries them everywhere. and hides them in shoes. and she knows exactly how many she has and knows when one is missing. oh, which reminds me. if you ask her where something is her response is always "i don't know, it pretty lost." i love it! here's some of her collection that she was playing with. just carrying them around the house in a basket.
puppy pull. another toy she's in love with. it reminds me of a little waddling duck push toy i used to play with at little grandma's. anywho. she used to love this toy so much when she was first learning to walk. to the point that it drove us a little batty, because it makes this annoying sqwaking noise when it is pulled across the floor. we were thrilled when she decided to abandon it for a new love. so i sent it packing for a while. she rediscovered it when we were browsing at a thrift store a few weekends ago and i told her she couldn't get it because i knew i still had one. so i recovered her's from mom's house (where i sent it packing, LOL) and brought it home to her. oh my goodness i've never seen her so happy. every 10 minutes she comes up to me and tackles me with a hug and says "thank you for my puppy mommy".

asthma. lately it has been bad. not sure what the culprit is since we try our hardest to elimate exposure to the allergens that trigger her attacks. i'm guessing it's because she's playing more outside with the warmer weather and the mold spores from the wet, warm, cold, wet, warm temperature change is affecting her. it's so sad when she's coughing non-stop and can't catch her breath and starts wheezing. she knows now when she needs a breathing treatment and that the medicine is helpful and not hurtful. this is the contraption we have to use for her to get the dose of albuterol. she's too young to understand how to use a inhaler normally.

let's see....other snippets i should record.
she's about 32 pounds, 37" tall, wears a size 9 shoe, 4T clothes, loves bubbles, playdoh, glueing pompoms to paper, can count to 10, still gets her colors confused, loves to wrestle with her daddy, favorite t.v. shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Krypto the Superdog and Tom & Jerry, knows how to connect to the internet and pull up her games to play online---her favorite is any painting/drawing type game, still loves stacking blocks, the fuzz addiction is still in full-force, the comfort item of choice is the pink haired doll, hates socks and shoes, still has eczema, loves taking baths in the big bathtub (jacuzzi tub), hates having anything in her hair like pony tails or piggy tails, still sucks her left thumb, favors her right hand, poo on the potty but the pee thing hasn't clicked yet, dips just about everything she eats into some kind of sauce (i.e. pretzels in ranch, green beans in barbeque (gross!), ketchup, cheese dip). she repeatedly says what sounds like "to over".....all day long. she has a bad habit of picking boo-boos and then crying for a band-aid when they bleed. give her some bubbles and that will keep her entertained all day long. 2 hour afternoon nap everyday. up at the butt-crack of dawn every morning. bedtime 830pm. refuses to eat meat and still eats cheese by the spoonful.


  1. don't forget that lately she loves pizza.... with no cheese and no toppings just sauce and the dough.

  2. Love the photos!

    I'm sending you an email in a minute.


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