Thursday, May 08, 2008

moments of truth.

truth. i haven't been to work since friday.
truth. i have taken a nap every day with emma.
truth. emma has been sick with a mysterious fever since december.
truth. i have snail trails everywhere in my house. clutter piles.
truth. it isn't really bothering me. (<----that's HUGE people!) truth. i've called every daycare center around and there a no openings until august. except one---but it isn't an option. it reeks of sopping wet diapers...the whole building. ick!
truth. i haven't done a creative weekend project for 3, umm, maybe 4 weeks.
truth. ashlyn's second tooth is *almost* out. i give it 2 days max.
truth. i'm really an introvert. an extroverted introvert. clear as mud?
truth. every morning i wake up, the first thing i want to do is see YOUR face.... P.S. i love you!

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