Friday, May 02, 2008

brain purge.

  • is it really May already?
  • i need to board the blogging train again. been slackin'.
  • "aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, buzzy bees gonna get me!" said by emma.
  • a hundred times a day.
  • it's gonna be a looooooooooooong summer. *sigh*
  • "see emma it's got a big butt. the ones with a big butt are called yellow jackets" said by ashlyn.
  • maddie told her so.
  • do bees really have a butt?
  • "mommy, i don't feel better." said by emma.
  • a hundred times a day.
  • what is wrong with this kid?????
  • National Scrapbook Day is TOMORROW. i'm hanging out at Scrapsupply. Come join the fun.....there'll be lots of it! Prizes too! My teammates there have some fantastic challenges!
  • speaking of Scrapsupply, the May newsletter is out. click here -------> May Newsletter
  • i'm tired of hearing about mother's day.
  • can we just skip mother's day?
  • i'll be here tonight. singing to the tune of "Take me out to the Ballgame....." and enjoying some time with family----even my brother and nephew are tagging along. whoooa!
  • 3 hours of sleep is NOT enough.
  • caffeine free since April 15th!!! (except today. i had 1 cherry coke)
  • thanks to the return racing heart issues again.
  • speaking of mother's day, i'm thinking of selling a piece of framed artwork with proceeds going to the American Heart Association. in my mom's name. for mother's day.
  • not sure. the red-suited man on my shoulder tells me it's a waste of time.
  • darn that red-suited man. he needs to go away already.
  • kids are enjoying their final day with their current sitter.
  • not looking forward to the adjustment process with the new sitter---once i find one, that is.
  • 5 year plans? who has those anymore? i'm happy to make it to tomorrow.
  • got my eyes checked yesterday. 1st time in 6 years. they laughed when i said i don't currently wear glasses.
  • i need them.
  • ever had that retinal scan done? it's way better than getting your eyes dilated. go for it!
  • did i ever mention........grandma's back!!!!!!!
  • emma spent the morning there yesterday chasing bunnies and butterflies. oh, and snipping lilacs off the bush.
  • my house smells lovely.
  • doug is at the Kentucky Derby
happy FRIDAY!

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