Monday, June 02, 2008

i couldn't live without her.


this girl, is my saving grace, and the reason i still have my sanity today. suzi came over last night to watch a special on tv, with doug, and folded a bazzillion loads of laundry for me while i prepared for the busyness that is today.

all while it was nearing 100 degrees in the house due to a broken airconditioner.

that's friendship.

i love you suzi! and i don't take a single thing you do for us, for granted. thank you sweet friend.

and with that, i have to be off and running again. today, i have already:
gotten myself and both girls ready
prepped for the airconditioner repairman to come
drove clear across town to take emma to the pediatric allergist for her asthma
drove clear across town and then some to drop the girls off at daycare
to the store to get toilet paper (the important stuff)
back to daycare to pay for the week.....DUH. forgot the first time
back home to shut windows and turn on air
ate lunch.
thawing meat for dinner.
and now i'm running out the door to work..........
and if i'm not totally exhausted tonight i'll share a handful more of pictures that we've taken while doug's parents were here.

happy monday!

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  1. I've pretty much done nothing this morning. Your post makes me tired just reading it, girl!!


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