Tuesday, June 03, 2008

time to go unplugged.

when your 6-year-old gets all excited during a shopping trip over the fact that you've chosen BOUNTY papertowels, you hesitate momentarily trying to trip your brain to think how could BOUNTY be worthy of such excitement. i mean, it's paper. paper that's used to clean up messes, followed by a slam dunk into file 13. so, you entertain her excitement lending an ear to listen when she recites pretty much verbatim the reason BOUNTY is worthy of it's outrageous price....
"MOMMMMMMMMMMMM. it's the quicker thicker picker-upper," she says in that 'duh' tone of voice that tells me she knows it all and i know nothing. and then she switches gears to the matter-of-fact, get down to business attitude, with her glistening eyes all big and up in my face, "listen mom. the TV says you only need ONE sheet of BOUNTY for ALL of your messes!"

on her way she goes with her ONE sheet of BOUNTY ripped off, cleaning up messes, and rinsing and wringing. over and over again.

until she stops and says in that confused and slightly concerned way, " but you know what mom. i just don't understand." with a momentary pause, "hmm." with the look of confusion now falling over her face she continues, "why do we need a whole roll if ONE sheet is all you need like the TV says."

true story.

i think it's time to unplug the TV.

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