Thursday, July 24, 2008

17 months ago.

those folks at doug's office, they like to have fun. you may remember his 32nd birthday and all the pranks they played on him. if not, click on the words "32nd birthday" to read about. funny stuff!

anywho. 17 months ago, they played yet another prank on him. they left this in the men's bathroom.

but what makes it SO incredibly funny is what they put on the back:

what makes it even more hysterical is that someone actually found it and delivered it to his desk!!!!! hahahaaaaa. even now, it cracks me up.

so this, along with many other pranks like posters with doug's face superimposed for Rogaine ads, weight loss ads and viagra ads, they've had it coming to them.

doug has been plotting and planning for a looooooooooong 17 months to get him back. and he did tuesday night. he got him good. you know what they say about paybacks............

stay tuned for payback pictures.

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