Monday, July 14, 2008

such a great sense of style...

don't ya think?
this picture

this is so much part of our everyday, that i never even thought to mention it. but, this is emma grace. so anxious to get out and play that i can only manage to get her shirt on her. too determined to get out and play, and very stubborn making it difficult for me to get her ducky pants (pajamas) off of her. add to that, a very big dose of being too impatient to sit still for socks and shoes.

so...........she LIVES in these boots.

they're a bit too big for her, so i remind her that she'll trip easily and whatnot. and her reply is always "i'm fine mom, i'm fine."

doesn't matter what's she's wearing though. the boots are her footwear staple.

case, in point:

this is a outtake from our family pictures that i shared a few posts back. a dress and rainboots. nice combination little monkey girl.

don't think it's quite as bad as her fuzz addiction, yet anyway.


  1. Hey - *I* want a pair of those boots!

  2. She is too cute. Wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about you and worrying about your latest health issues. :(

    As far as the playroom goes, I think it's totally FAIR that you take it over completely. :)

  3. Oh, the fuzz addiction. I am pretty sure I have pictures of her with cotton up her nose and in her ear. She is adorable.

  4. Those boots are so funny. Corey went through that with his cowboy boots last year - not so bad with a boy...

  5. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! She's adorable!!!!!!!!


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