Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a brief hello.....

it's been hit or miss around here with internet service.......darn computer. it figures, when i have a boatload to say, and feel like saying it, the computer connection doesn't want to cooperate. please forgive my absence. i've tried. i really have. i could tolerate the rebooting every 5 minutes to maintain a connection, but typing three words between each reboot put me over the edge.

anywho. it's been a whirlwind of events around here lately. ashlyn's kindergarten assesment, new student meetings, impromtu sleepovers for the adults and kidlets---my brother and his son have stayed over the past two weekends, festivals, a trophy winning champion in our midst, a michael phelphs siting (LOL!), photo shoots with the family (good stories there!), phone tag with guidance counselors........and scrapbooking deadlines!

but alas, i'm at work typing this--on a working computer that doesn't have to be re-booted every minute-- and have no supporting pictures for the stories. blogging just isn't the same without pictures, ya know.

hang tight my friends, i plan on catching ya'll up in the next few days! anyone have any exciting labor day plans?

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