Friday, August 29, 2008

random blatherings.

  • it's friday and we're heading into a long holiday weekend........yes! i LOVE long holiday weekends.
  • ashlyn is home from school----SICK. sick on her second day of school. seriously.
  • she really shouldn't have gone yesterday either, but who wants to miss their first day of school?
  • i wish we could all just be healthy for a full month. is that even possible?
  • oh, and i have no first day of school pictures because 1. doug had the camera in his bag---at work yesterday and 2. it was raining at the bus stop anyway.
  • we'll just fake it on tuesday when she goes back.
  • for those of you in the know.........we don't know anything yet about her assessment.
  • for those of you not in the know, it turns out that the school recognizes that we have a smart cookie on our hands too. when she was assessed for kindergarten last friday, she came out of the testing (i wasn't allowed in with her) proclaiming that it was way too easy and she wanted the first grade test.
  • little did she know that 2 hours later mommy would get a phone call from the school asking our permission to allow her to be given the assessment for first grade. apparently all the teachers that assessed her for kindergarten felt that she needed to be assessed by the gifted & talented team to possibly skip kindergarten.
  • her gifted & talented assessment was yesterday.
  • so she started as a kindergartener yesterday and might be a first grader by next week.
  • she has no idea that the additional assessment might mean she'll skip to first grade. trying to avoid any meltdown and self-esteem issues if they don't bump her up.
  • onto other news...........time warner FINALLY reached an agreement with the Big Ten Network. what does that mean? we get to watch OSU tomorrow-----from HOME! yay!
  • i have a slew of projects/deadlines to do this weekend. which means work. FUN work. but work, nonetheless. i LOVE my job!
  • just finished up another tutorial for Scrapsupply----i'll share the link on Sept 1.
  • a quick glance at the calendar tells me September 1 is only 3 days away...........eeeeeeeeeek! didn't we just start August?

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