Tuesday, August 05, 2008


  • well it's not strep.
  • oh, wait, you probably don't know what i'm talking about since i didn't send an email for the last update. see last post and fill yourself in, would ya.
  • so you've probably now seen the cow utters.....wait, it's udders. no utters. or is it udders? i dunno.
  • and you've also noted that i didn't come through with the artshow.
  • sorry.
  • my laundry pile needed more attention than time i had available.
  • tomorrow, maybe? i bet you can't wait.
  • i was thinking the other day, how i haven't shared a recipe in a while. hmmmmmm. meatballs or cherry pie?
  • work is boooooooooooring right now.
  • school starts in 24 days.
  • time to get back on the bedtime routine, i'd say.
  • did you know that Steven Curtis Chapman is going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning talking about the tragic accident & loss of his 5 (maybe 6) year old daughter? God bless their family.
  • we exited our wedding ceramony to a Steven Curtis Chapman song. The Great Adventure. "Saddle Up Your Horses.....we've gotta trail to blaze.......through the wild blue wonder of God's amazing grace....." true story.
  • i've been craving Snickerdoodles. like crazy. but i'm too tired to make them. darn heartrate slowing, energy depleting medication.
  • Kidney Foundation is coming thursday. oh how i love to bag stuff up and send it on it's way in that big white truck. ahhhhhhhh. love getting rid of stuff.
  • too much stuff clutters the mind AND my house.
  • gotta go fold some of the previously mentioned laundry.......
  • artshow tomorrow. be here. you won't want to miss it.


  1. Udder. And it's just one. Each cow gets one udder or she's a freak. But she has four teats. Four teats, one udder. Except that cow in Napoleon Dynamite. Remember her? Pedro noticed right off that she had five teats. Five teats makes 1 1/4 udder, I think. Still a freak.

  2. Thanks for the info about Steven Curtis. I will be tuning in for that interview. That was the most tragic story. It broke my heart.


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