Thursday, September 25, 2008

last week i had a kindergarten student...

this week, i have a first grader! and following tradition, i have the first fifth day of first grade pictures. always on the ball around here, ya know. heh.

i thought for sure that i already posted this on my blog to give the family an update. it turns out that it was only saved as a draft. anywho........

ashlyn was given the kindergarten assessment the third week of August. she came out of the assessment proclaiming "that was too easy mommy.....i want the first grade test.....giggle, giggle, giggle."

little did we know, that within 2 hours of leaving her assessment we would get a call from the school counselor explaining that she didn't miss a single thing on the assessment and they wanted to know if it was okay with us to have her assessed by the gift & talented representative.
she's since been assessed in math and reading and scored high in both---99th percentile in math alone. so she now has the label of "gifted in mathematics" on her record (anyone scoring above 95th percentile gets that recognition).

the teachers, principal, and counselors at the school had me come in for a meeting a few weeks ago to discuss her education and the outcome of her assessments. in that meeting we came to the conclusion that she needed to be challenged a bit more, and the determination was made that she will accelerate to first grade after only a week of kindergarten.

she loves her new teacher and her new friends, but doesn't like "doing papers" in reality they have 20 minutes of workbook type work spread over the day.

life is so rough when you're 6.

p.s. she is doing just fine this morning. no pain has been mentioned. she's walking normally and i even walked her into her classroom and left without her breaking down to tears. it's gonna be a GOOD day!

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  1. Congrats to Ashlyn for moving up a grade!! Glad to hear that she is feeling good and the day was good for her, she deserved after such a hard day yesterday!


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