Tuesday, September 23, 2008

prayers appreciated....

last week we finally had our appointment for ashlyn's leg to be checked by a specialist because of an abnormality just under the surface of her skin that her pediatrician didn't feel right about. she has thickening and nodules under the skin on the bend of her left leg near her waist. we found out then that the specialist wanted to do a biopsy.......oct 29th.

last week it covered an area about the size of a paper dollar bill. but sunday evening ashlyn started complaining of another area hurting and when i looked at it i noticed that it has more than doubled in surface area over the last weeks. i now covers the same area and her hip, across her belly, down her side and is starting to appear on the other leg.

a phone call to them yesterday morning ended with a 3pm appointment today.

we just got back from the doctor and it took her all of 1 minute to look at it and determine that she needs the biopsies IMMEDIATELY----like TOMORROW--yes, more than one biopsy.

thanks for your continued prayers. i'll give another update tomorrow. it's scheduled for 2:45PM.


  1. oh tania. hugs and prayers. I wish I could be there for you! please call if you need ANYTHING!!!

    and btw - your layouts were out of the ballpark, silly girl. You're an awesome stamper. (I've been so busy, I didn't get a chance to reply to that email yet)

  2. Praying for your precious Ashlyn...and for her sweet family.


  3. Oh Tania, continued prayers for you, Ashlyn and your entire family! I wish I was there to give you a huge hug!!!!!

  4. I am so so sorry to hear that Ashlyn is suffering. :( I'm glad they are doing a biopsy, though. Then they can determine how best to help her. You are VERY much in my prayers, Tania!!

  5. You know I'm praying hard over here sweetie. BIG hugs...I wish I could reach you from here!

  6. lots and lots of hugs, my sweet friend!! i wish i could do something to help!!! you know where my number is on the boards. please, please call if you need anything!!!

  7. Give Ashlyn a hug from Katie and I! Let us know if you need anything...

  8. Praying, and praying, and praying
    so hard for you and your family Tania. And sending you huge hugs.


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