Sunday, September 14, 2008

this post is brought to you by doug willis.

Reporting on the follow-up to this story.

Well I knew it would happen, I told Ashlyn that when she lost her first top tooth that we would try and trick the tooth fairy and catch her by her wing. You see it’s a little known fact that if you catch the tooth fairy by her wing, that she has to grant you one wish that has to come true.

Ashlyn was so excited about this prospect and already had her wish planned. “I’m going to wish for my drawings to come true daddy.” You see ashlyn loves to draw so she wanted to draw horses and have them come to life and turtles and such. She really wants that $300 pony named Butterscotch that grabbed her attention last Christmas. Even better if she can draw one and bypass the $300 part.

So last Monday night we planned it, Ashlyn put her tooth under her pillow and I hid in Ashlyn’s closet, and I waited and waited….. and waited…… and Ashlyn fell asleep and I waited….. and waited…. And just about when I was to drift off myself, I saw the most beautiful bright white light over top of Ashlyn’s bed. Then standing right beside Ashlyn was a stunning beauty of a fairy, long blond hair down to her waist wearing a lovely white dress with shimmering stars all over it. Then I saw them her long wings were glowing, and I knew what I had to do. This is it. This is the moment that will make me King of all daddy's forever and ever. To Ashlyn, at least.

I crept out of the closet, ever so slowly and tip toed across the room, step by step, slowly getting closer. The tooth fairy leaned over Ashlyn, and said “you’re the most beautiful Ashlyn ever”, then kissed her on the cheek.

Then I pounced on her!!!!

I grabbed her left wing and I thought that I had her for sure. Then the tooth fairy took her left elbow and slammed it into my stomach and then as I was bent over in pain, she gave me a right uppercut to the jaw, then kicked me twice while I was lying on the ground in pain. She then said to me, “you will never catch me Mr. Willis!!!!!!!!!” Then she disappeared.

I had to cry out to Tania to come and help me out of the room since I was afraid to disappointed Ashlyn. Tania came in and helped me get up and I went to bed with my head hung low, ashamed that I could not complete my task.

This is just the first of many encounters Tooth Fairy, I’ll be more prepared next time. It’s a known fact that tooth fairy’s are afraid of garlic, so I’ll be covered in that next time…


  1. and when you scrap that story, i will need to see that layout *right* away! you all are a crack up. lucky, lucky ashlyn - even if you didn't catch the fairy.

  2. I love it!! Tell Doug better luck next time!


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