Monday, November 24, 2008

Countdown to Christmas BEGINS!

in case you missed my post yesterday, it's once again time for me to make some much needed room in my studio for the new products coming in. so, in an effort to spread some LOVE and reduce the clutter in my studio, i'll be doing a giveaway right here on the blog up until Christmas!

to be entered, all you need to do is leave a comment each day, then come back to see if you've won! and winners will be drawn using it's all FREE, and i'll even handle the shipping. oh, one more minor detail.....if i don't get an email from the winner within 48 hrs of the announcement, i'll be drawing another name so i can get this stuff outta here! fair enough?

go, tell all your FRIENDS! link to my blog from your blog.....spread the word. here's what's up for grabs today.........a jar, packed to the top of random embellishments, charms, and wooden accents. the photo doesn't even show it all. (excuse the poor lighting. it's pouring rain today)
and............because Sharyn tagged me, here's 7 random things.
random numbero uno.
in fourth grade, i started taking tae kwon do, and continued to do so for many, many years. i have a black belt, but am sorely out of practice. there were a few years jn the beginning that i was the butt of all jokes at school---"wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off". you know. karate kid the movie was the popular thing to watch back then. i'd often be greeted in the hallway at school with the crane kick stance, then off they'd shuffle snickering away. it never bothered me though. i knew i could hold my own, and really they did too. anywho. we traveled to tournaments and i also traveled to various community centers to help the Masters teach too. i once took Grand Champion in a tournament and came home with a trophy almost as tall as i was. i'll dig out the picture sometime.

random number two.
i'm a dreamer. and i like to plan things. things like how'd i'd reorganize or redecorate, or a fun family vacation. but, most often, those things stay up in my noggin and never get executed for various reasons.....monetary restraints, time constraints, OR, i come up with a whole different idea and the first one goes to file 13. sometimes i have the supplies, the time, and even the energy, but i don't follow through for fear that it won't turn out how i see it in my head and i'll be disappointed. fear of failure keeps me from doing a lot of things.

random number three.
i've never had a cavity. never ever. or braces. watch, i probably just jinxed myself.

random number four.
i've always had a feeling for music. in 5th grade i started out playing the trumpet. i don't remember playing it too long----i switched to clarinet, maybe in 6th grade. then in highschool, the clarinet went into storage during marching band season because i was recruited to play the 24" cymbals. why me? because i was the only one (out of all the bandmembers) that was strong enough to carry them. heh. who's makin' fun of the karate kid now? suddenly i was the coolest! i won't lie though. it was tough being the 24" cymbal carrier. crash, body choke, tap, tap, tap, crash, body choke.....those body chokes were killer. they were constantly pinching my left bicep muscle and i literally looked like i had been abused since the pinching left bruising from my elbow up to my shoulder.

random number five.
i need to go shoe shopping. it's getting just a wee bit too cold for my flip flops. 30 degrees today. and yep, i'll be wearing flip flops. insane. i know. sometimes common sense in my vocabulary.

random number six.
did you know i graduated highschool when i was 16? yep. i did. i was always in advanced classes, and by the time i reached my sophomore year and was planning for my junior year course, i realized i had taken every level of math and science that the school offered and by the end of the next year i'd have enough credit hours to graduate. the only thing holding me back was in ohio you had to have 4 credits of english. sooooo, after many meetings and get the parents to agree, i signed up for summer school English to make up that one credit (easiest english ever, that summer school stuff!), and my junior year, then became my Senior year. looking back-----stupidest thing i ever did do. i wish i would have just taken that whole year to take electives that i didn't get to take because i was in band. like art, and photography, and.......

random number seven.
man, this is hard. ummmmm, i absolutely HATE the smell of Fritos. they smell like dirty feet. blech.

and i'm supposed to tag seven people:
(be back soon to do to work!)
ETA: TAG, you're IT!
i've picked other crafty folks who INSPIRE me....


  1. 24' Cymbals? That's Funny! Lots of Love for that! -N

  2. I had forgotten the cymbal story..ha! I love the random stuff, love it! and...I agree with the Fritos thing LOL

  3. Thanks for the chance at your goodies. I can't believe that you have never had a cavity! I only have a few teeth that haven't had a cavity LOL. Even had to have braces at 16...not a good year to get braces. :(

  4. How nice!!! I will help you purge :=)
    Sandy~Turtlelady #1715

  5. is will be so fun to try to remember to check in every day. Tkx for sharing!!!
    Cicly #1835

  6. rofl every time I see a bag of freetos I will think of smelly feet.

    Have a good day!!

  7. The only thing I have ever won was a 4' tall Pink Panther from Lowes. LOL I would love to win something I could actually win. :-)

  8. What fun goodies you are giving away. I also love the purging process and getting rid of things I dont use to make way for new items!!! marla #3291

  9. How generous of you.It will be fun checkin' in everyday....I will try not to laugh out loud when I pass a rack of Fritos in a store...:)ROFL.....TX for sharing!

    #3510 Fiskateer

  10. How sweet of you to RAK off your stash like that. Please include me in your RAK drawing :0)

    Karin # 4472 - Fiskateer

  11. I took karate as a child for a few years. Never made it to black belt!

  12. No cavities. Holy cow, I am worried that I'll have nothing but fillings by the time I'm 40. My fault though too big of a sweet tooth. Thanks for sharing your stuff.

  13. Thanks for a chance to win. What a great way to purge your supplies.
    connie #2909

  14. stephanie howell11/24/2008 04:26:00 PM are an amazingly interesting person. And smart. With really good teeth. Heeeee!

  15. Thanks for the chance to share your goodies. Some interesting info in your rak's!
    Debbie #4668

  16. Love the fun stuff about you! How sweet of you to share all those yummy goodies! That is one awesome fun jar full!!!

  17. Love the name of your blog; so funny. Heard about it from Debbie Hodge's website. I know what you mean about purging - just redid my whole scrapbook room and really cleaned out a lot!

  18. Great thinking.. you sure were young when you must ahve a mind of a saint..LOL

  19. What a fun interesting gal you are! My dd is in her 3rd year of trombone!

    thanks for the chance !

    Patty 2832

  20. ohhh i love tae kwon do also but havent trained for 10 years, now that ive had kids and getting fit again i hope to get back into it, thanks very much for the opportunity and its very scary reading noly 30 days till xmas

  21. You are a very generous person and I would love a chance for some of your supplies. You have done so much, I can't believe that fear of failure is even in your vocabulary!

  22. Awesome! You are so sweet with your giveaways, girl!! :)

    Oh man - I LOVE Fritos! They are some of the few "junk food" items I can still eat on my 'natural, gluten-free' diet. :)

    And p.s. You totally should have skipped a grade sooner - we might have been in some of the same classes during my sophomore year. I wasn't in advanced classes though... and yeah, I spent a lot of that year ditching Geometry so I could go to open lunch with my 11th and 12th grade friends... and... ditching Speech so I could leave early... and uh... yeah. lol!

  23. WOW! What a generous thing to do. However, I can COMPLETELY relate to the 'get it out of here' mindset. It doesn't strike often, but when it does I have to take full advantage of it.

  24. I'm amazed at the fact that you've never had a cavity-my GOD you have fantastic teeth!

    kATEb {f# 4529} :)

  25. that #4 - what a strange coinsodence - I switched from clarinet to trumpet, but never the cymbals. Form there I went to the alto clarinet for concert season.
    vicki in MD

  26. Tania, thank you for giving us the chance to win some prizes!! I can't believe that its only another 30 days until Christmas. It seems to have approached pretty quickly.

  27. Tania, thank you for giving us the chance to win some prizes!! I can't believe that its only another 30 days until Christmas. It seems to have approached pretty quickly.

  28. I made it on here. Thanks for the chance. You are very sweet for sharing.

  29. I wanted to be I'd forgot about that til I read your post...memories.Thanks for the generous chance at the goodies.Now I'm gonna go peek around your blog some.
    Jennifer #4766

  30. That photo reminds me of all the wondramous goodies you use on your layouts. Lovely.


  31. I am always happy to take things off of people's hands!! So PURGE AWAY!!! This is exciting...the countdown to Christmas...I's silly, but it's still exciting!

  32. Christmas is almost here!!:) i can't wait... no cavity??? WOW i wish i was that lucky... i really really don't like

  33. Ohhh goodies - looks like pirates (scrappers) treasure.
    Cound me in please
    Christine C #2264

  34. not looking for the free goodies - commenting on the shoe shopping... we have a place in our mall called rack room shoes - do you have that? got 2 pairs of fab shoes buy one get one 50% off... short boots (to wear under jeans) and mules... I had to step far far away from all my mary-jane styled shoes.


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