Saturday, November 15, 2008

hello-o-o-o-o-o......anybody out there?


so it's been a busy few days 'round here. here's a whole lotta randomness....
  • it's been three days since her last antibiotic dose, and she's already getting sick. emma that is. so much for surgery doing the trick. i think they were just blowing smoke up my rear.
  • but she's accumulated a nice chunk of silver in the process. i'm not beneath bribery when it comes to getting medicine to her tummy.
  • i've gotten a huge chunk of deadlines done, but the 'to do' list isn't any shorter since i've added new ones. i'm not complaining. at all. exciting stuff i'm working on. i just can't share----yet.
  • i used to think facebook was retarded. until yesterday when i found a few people who made a big impression on my life as a teenager. now, it's the coolest thing ever!
  • that one up there, she got an award at school friday. for being a prime example, always doing good work, and accepting any challenge thrown her way. she was all smiles----until it was time for me to leave. then she had her usual (seperation anxiety) meltdown.
  • shutterfly. i think i hate you. you really need to have a 'save and come back later' option on your photobook design program.
  • thank you oprah for the free photobook! (even though i had to do it twice, 'cause when you click SAVE at shutterfly it doesn't really save anything. STUPID....don't tell my kids i use that word.)
  • today we're cleaning out the Barbie stash.....and organizing. egads. wish me luck.
  • i wanted to put up the Christmas tree so bad yesterday.....but i resisted.
  • i want to make another quilt but buying fabric isn't in the budget right now.
  • i feel like i forgot how to blog. it's only been 3 days since i posted.
  • should scan some old pictures........or old scrapbook layouts so you can all have a good laugh?

more later.........



  1. Go Oprah and I say go ahead and put up the tree, Tania!!!!

  2. Your little girl looks very proud.. and you should be a proud mama.. there are not very many children who will do any chellanges at school..mariah #2457


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