Wednesday, November 05, 2008


  • reason # 283 that my husband is the coolest man ever...he's not afraid to spend a friday night scrapping as a family. seriously. how cool is that!? yep. i'm a lucky girl.
  • really, is it November already!? i really can't believe it.
  • recooping today from a dinner/desert party for my brother last night.
  • needing to squeeze in some time to download a few days worth of pictures.
  • a visit to the ENT this morning for emma's post-op check up gave us nothing but positive news! thank God! she's healing.......and healthy. (knocking on wood as hard as i can.)
  • trying to store energy for emma's next round of zithromax this weekend. been having to really fight her to get that medicine down lately. i think she's reached her max.
  • only trick that works is bribery....with quarters. something about that shiney quarter flashed in front of her face and she chokes the medicine down, pronto. what can i say...we gotta do, what we gotta do.
  • i haven't forgotten about my home management journal to share. give me a week....or so.
  • deadlines have my calendar full right now. and that is a GOOD thing.
  • but that means my studio....well, it's a little bit of a disaster. so much so that when i tucked the above layout away for safety from little hands, it became lost. floating around somewhere in there. must of been a good hiding spot since i can't find it now. sheesh. i will find it soon. and share the finished project. promise.
  • grammy and papa at the beach are in town. the kids are THRILLED. and they came bearing goodies in the form of footed jammies (em's favs) and hannah montana clothing (ash's favorite person right now!) and candy, and princess pretties, and the coolest spiderman hoody EVER....and, and, and. they aren't spoiled. really. not at all.
  • photo share still on the list of things to do.
  • working on some exciting things for the new year! EEEEEEEEE!
  • lunch is now calling my name.........
  • DONT FORGET! you still have until midnight to leave a comment on this post to win some goodies!


  1. Your husband scraps?!?!?!?!?!!? I'm sorry, I couldn't get past that one to read the rest. LOL!!!!!! Now that I commented, I'll get back to reading your randomness!!!!!

  2. yep.
    he does.
    like once every 4 years.

  3. Hey Tania, I found my way here through Scrap Supply. It cracks me up that Doug is scrapbooking. Do you think he could get Kevin to scrapbook?
    Meghan Wolfe


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