Sunday, November 30, 2008

Souvenirs of the Season

just got this in my inbox...............and I'm SO very EXCITED for this class!
Holiday programs, shopping lists, recipes, music, and morewhat kinds of memorabilia will be making its way into your home this December? Starting tomorrow, December 1st, Sharyn Tormanen is ready to take you on a holiday ride that begins with peeks at cultural and personal histories of Christmas memorabilia. From there she’ll show you the practical aspects of gathering your own Christmas souvenirs and creative ways to get them onto holiday pages. Don’t miss this December experience that’s sure to trigger memories of holidays past while inspiring rich memory-keeping of holidays future.

Join Sharyn Tormanen on December 1st for "Souvenirs of the Season," a class that will have you scrapping more than the photos this year.

Class includes: 8 lessons in downloadable pdf format. These will be posted in a private class forum on Mondays and Thursdays this December (Dec 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, and 29).
  • You'll get instructions, sketches, and inspiration that will have you saving and scrapping recipes, music, ticket stubs, programs receipts, wrapping paper, postage stamps and more.
  • Revisit the history of various kinds of holiday memorabilia as well as your own personal memories of these. Learn what you can include and how to include it.
    In addition to including memorabilia you can hold, Sharyn will give you ideas for including memories of how you approach the season--from process and routine to ingrained tradition.
  • Access to a private class forum where you can chat with Sharyn and the other participants about how you're getting through this holiday season and what "merry memorabilia" you're accumulating.
  • Access to a private class gallery where you may post your work for others to see and get inspiration from what others are creating.

AND......I've got a FREE pass to the class to GIVE to one person! Value: $25! Just leave me a comment and I'll draw the winner TONIGHT at 9PM, EST and get the winner the details so they can start the class tomorrow! (if the winner is already signed up, they will get a free pass to another class at

if you have questions about the class, please let me know in the comments and i'll answer them as best i can, or direct you to sharyn.

winner of yesterday's prize is: NanaBeth email me please at taniawillis at (!Photobucket


  1. So much fun!!! This class looks like it is going to help me realize and remember some of the memories. Just the pre chatting on the board has already done that.

    I am excited to learn howto use the memorabilia from other occasions as well by using this class information.

  2. Wow-thank you. I love the Lily Kate,m I think it's one of Basic Grey's best!

  3. today is Sunday...and my DD is coming home from the States...they went 2 do some shopping on Black Friday...thanks 4 the chance 2 win.

  4. Great Rak are full of is Sunday.. I expect my DH home tonight .. he has been gone for 4 days.. he did midnight madness in Winnipeg on Friday night.. Wonder what he's up to now.. Mariah #2457

  5. The class sounds great. I'm always saving every little thing from every place I go, but then just stuffing it all in a box.
    Congratulations NanaBeth.

  6. Sounds like an awesome class!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Memorabilia lay-outs what a great idea! Let's see I have stuff from my daughter's wedding(10 yrs.ago), my grandson's birthdays,and a son on his way back from Iraq in a couple of weeks! PTL
    This is a great RaK. Thank you.

  8. I am one of those people who holds on to everything. I have my ticket stubs from my favorite movies, etc. I'm thinking about your class, only I've never done an online class. I just need to dive in, right?

  9. Fun! I save everything, so yeah - I could probably benefit from this class as well. :)

  10. What an awesome RAK & I personally believe in paying it forward which I would do if I was lucky enuf to win this class.......I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. How exciting! This sounds like a lot of fun.

  12. I would LOVE to take this class as Sharyn has been a blogging favourite of mine for about 3 years.
    THANKS for this offer!!!
    Fiskateer #512

  13. Thanks for sharing this class - it sounds like a good one! Thanks for the chance to play along!

  14. Well, isn't this a great way to start December? What a fabulous idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win a class.

  15. What a nice RAK, would love it! I love your blog! Great pictures of decorating the tree!

  16. Putting in my entry with 10 minutes to spare. Pick me Pick me! :)


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