Friday, January 30, 2009

*phew* i can mark frozen peas off the grocery list.

so, yesterday, i'm cleaning up the kitchen and see a perfectly flat paper towel peeking over the top of the spice cabinet above the stove. curious as to what it was, i pulled it down and found this:

please tell me you're laughing as much as i was? i mean, yes, it's wrong on so many levels, but dang is it funny. how's that for a little creative motivation? hahahaaa.

we moved the paint easel out to the garage last spring so they could make all the paint messes their little hearts desired. and there it stayed until they ran out of paint. but recently, ashlyn used some of her Christmas money to restock all 14 colors. she likes to paint.

over the next 4 days she begged doug to bring in her easel so she could paint.

well, being freeeeeeeezing cold 'round these parts, with 12-18" snow drifts against the garage door, he kept telling her "tomorrow". well tomorrow came and went for 4 very.long.days. then, she had enough of the "tomorrow" promise. so she had a little meltdown ranting about how "you always say tomorrow and you never do it tomorrow......" you know how it goes---going in a hundred different directions after work.....dinner, homework, chores, etc., etc.

to own up to his promise and help divert her whining, he decided to draft a contract. one that she determined the punishment for. punching in the tenders??? niiiiiiiiice. i shouldn't laugh, but it does crack me up. if that ain't motivation to keep promises right there, i really don't know what is. am i right?

ya'll have seen kung fu panda, yes? maybe not. well, we have seen it twice. it's one of the very few movies we have ever purchased without ever watching it first, and maybe that wasn't such a good idea. because from the whole movie, the only thing the kids remember is panda dude hanging spagetti noodles from his snout---so now, you can imagine, trying to make it through dinner with these two girls and all the spagetti hanging from the nose that goes on. and the other thing...."oh, my tenders" when he gets inadvertantly hit in his unmentionables.

anywho. he agreed to her punishment and they both signed it.

and i'm thrilled to report that he won't be down for the count with a bag of frozen peas to soothe his misery, but instead i'm tripping over the well-loved paint easel sitting in the middle of my kitchen.

and i have two little artists that are loving the fact that it's a weekend and they can paint so far this is all they've come up with.

emma's blue monster and ashlyn's flower.

perfect in every way.
Winner of the BOY Collection from Karen Foster Design is: Leslie in TN!!! Leslie, please email me using that link under my photo in the right sidebar and leave your mailing information. i'll forward it to the design team coordinator to ship out your goodies!


  1. Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration)1/30/2009 12:01:00 PM

    Nice spelling of EASEL.

  2. LOL, Bob Vance!

  3. That contract was hilarious!

  4. LOL!!! We loved that movie. ;)

  5. ROFL! My kids love Kung Fu Panda, and yes, the scene where they put the noodle under their noses and say, "I am Master Shifu!" has been played many many times in my house.
    Great contract - glad your hubby lived up to his end of the bargain. ;)

  6. That is great...such a fun memory to scrap..and proof of it too! (I swear your kids crack me up!)

  7. My boys go around saying that too!!!!!!!

  8. Tonia,
    Jeff agrees. The contract is hilarious. He commented that Doug was quite brave. Miss seeing you. What does next week look like for you? Would love to get together sometime. I will try to call on Sunday.

  9. Forget "tomorrow" and use "roundtouit"

  10. Loved the story! LOL
    Thank you so much for the prize. Yay me! I have emailed you my address.

    I was having problems with blogger and tried already posting this so you may have two comments from me. :)

  11. Your blog just showed up in my Google alert! How weird! Anyway, had to LOL t the contract! :) Hope you guys are well! Did you get our Christmas card?


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