Thursday, January 29, 2009

911, what's your emergency?

first let me just say........everyone here is OKAY. *big huge sigh of relief*

this morning doug had to call 911. only after he called me first on both my cell phone and the home phone. but apparently i slept right through both phones ringing. kinda thankful though because there really wasn't anything i could do about his situation except worry.

we're under a Level 2 Snow Emergency, for you folks who never seen a flake of the white stuff, that basically means:

Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads can be very icy. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. People should contact their employer to see If they should report to work. Obviously, if you are driving, use extreme caution.

we were hit with a winter storm that was supposed to dump loads of snow on us, but instead we got loads of ice, then a little snow.

doug works for a 24/7 company which never closes. never ever. in fact, they passed around a memo just yesterday saying that if a Level 3 Snow Emergency was declared while employees were on the clock, they would be expected to stay until the emergency was lifted.....even if that meant staying overnight. pfffffffft. whatever.

i told him he was an employee, not a slave. he agreed.

back to this morning. as expected, he got up and ready to report to work and made it about half-way there before spinning out across 4 lanes of highly traveled, morning rush-hour traffic and landing in the snowbank against the barrier that separates eastbound and westbound traffic----but, FACING ONCOMING TRAFFIC.

truck still in the lane, facing the wrong way with traffic whizzing by at 50-some miles an hour. which for columbus drives is "using caution". how he didn't get hit by traffic is beyond me. i just keep visualizing the pixelated Frogger screen i used to play constantly on Atari as a kid. see it?

can we say panic attack? did i mention that i'm SO glad i was sleeping soundly when his pleas for help came? not that i wouldn't want to help him, but really, what was i gonna do except maybe get myself killed.

so, he called 911.
and they dispatched two police cruisers.
and they had two semi's block all traffic.
and they closed the highway.
and they spun him back around.
and he was on his way again.

no damage to his truck whatsoever.
no bruises on his body.

God was watching out for him.
lucky dude.
lucky me, i still have my husband.
lucky kids, they still have their daddy.


  1. And that is why I now live in the armpit of the world. Driving from Lexington to Ft. Knox one night I hit a patch of glare ice. Car stopped with front end BETWEEN the safety guard and the edge of the mountain. 3 more feet and I wouldn't be here to bug you! 2 truck drivers stopped and got my car back on the road. One got in front of me-one behind me and drove 20 mph until they got me home- 2 1/2 hours!
    Next spring I moved to the swamps of south Georgia.

  2. WOW! so glad he is ok and that you slept through the phone calls.

  3. Thank you God for watching over Doug. You know it could have been a "God thing" too that you slept through all of this, you know? I would have been the same way & would have been going hysterical. Isn't it awesome that God is never "off duty". :) Have a great day Tania!

  4. Glad to hear that your husband didn't get're right, that's amazing.

  5. Holy Hannah!!! I'm glad he's okay... and I would also be in the "I'm sorry/not sorry I slept through the calls" column.


  6. That is so scary. Make sure to give him a big hug and kiss when he comes home tonight.

    Please stay safe.

  7. Thank God he is okay. Ya know, I try to be upbeat and say "well, at least the sun is shining" or "looks like a snowman kind of snow", but lately I just hate it and can't think of anything good about this weather. I hate it.

  8. *GULP* So glad he's OK! a big whew!
    I'm not sure what I could've done to help my DH if he'd been in that situation. I'd say he made a good call to 911...blocking the whole highway for him -How's that for service?

  9. Tania, I am so relieved to hear that Doug is ok and that you did not have to freak out over it. It was the best thing that you slept through the calls. I know exactly what kind of roads you are talking about and I am staying home safe and sound here.

  10. Wow, so glad he was not hurt. Yep, gotta love those crazy Columbus drivers. LOL

  11. So glad he's alright! What a scary story-and I'm with you, I would not want to receive that call until after he was safe either!

  12. I think God was definitely protecting my baby brother and I too am thankful!

  13. HOw scary Tania. I am so glad that he is okay. That is awful. I am glad that where I live we dont have conditions like that very much.

  14. Oh my gosh he is one lucky Dude.
    Thank goodness nothing happened to him.

  15. Thank God he is, how things could have turned out! I have family in Columbus and CIncinnati and know about your ice! Rest well tonight in the arms of your hubby!

  16. GEEZ, Louise! Doesn't this just prove that even when we have no idea what's going on, God is still on top of everything going on. Glad to hear your husband is okay. And honestly, people like me who don't have to get out in this stuff are grateful for people like him who would rather not get out in it but do anyways so they are there for people like me when we need it.

    We were expecting the same...tons of snow and got a full day of ice. I've never seen so much ice. Our children love it...breaking icicles off of everything in sight! Not so good for the electricity and cable tv though!

  17. Holy Crud~ I am soooooo glad you slept through that stress. And even more thrilled that Doug is safe. WOW!!!

  18. Holy Schneikies! i would have freaked out. I had to burn a vacation day on Wednesday because there was NO WAY I was driving in that stuff. Glad to hear he is OK.


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