Monday, February 09, 2009

a quarters worth.....

  1. i think i forgot how to blog.
  2. or maybe i just feel like i have the most boring life ever. boring life = nothing to blog about.
  3. oh, wait.........i do have something to blog, my love turns 35. that's thirty + five. thirty five looks good on him, but you'll just have to take my word for it since i'm lacking in the photo taking department.
  4. i'm down to 3 more sessions in my class. what am i gonna do with myself after it's over? i've been going at warp speed since Thanksgiving---it feels weird to have n-o-t-h-i-n-g on my calendar to do now. nothing. how boring. i'm a girl who needs a project to focus on, or else i feel useless.
  5. hmmmm...........i think i might just actually go back to scrapping for fun and learn a little something from my friend, Doris who's teaching Product Pizzazz 101. i've been a fan of Doris' work for a looooooong time. and that boy of hers, he's so darn irresistable to look at.
  6. or, OR, or........i might get up the nerve to stretch myself creatively and sit in on my friend Dina's Art Journaling 102 class. shhhhh. don't tell her, but art journaling scares me. but Dina, dang does she ever make it look easy.....and fun.
  7. wow.....i need to make it to 25? i'm only on 7. what do you wanna know?
  8. i'm thinking of selling some artwork now more than ever. something about missing 8 days of work, unpaid might just push me past the thinking stage and onto the doing stage. i just have this little voice inside my head that keeps telling me no one wants to buy any of it.
  9. ashlyn asked me yesterday if i could take her to the doctor to help get the spiders out of her head. she says anytime she tries to be quiet and rest or go to sleep she gets invaded with spiders crawling everywhere. creepy? she also sees pink and orange spots in her visual field---and mentions it often.
  10. yesterday we went to the Columbus Museum of Art. for free. did you locals know it is free on Sundays? i left my camera behind thinking photography wasn't allowed. i was wrong. only flash photography is not allowed. i can't wait for the Dale Chihuly blown glass exhibit to arrive in September. his art is phenomenal. ashlyn was so cute while we were there. she took a little journal and sketched her favorites and wrote down every artists name she liked. she was on the hunt for something by Picasso.
  11. speaking of photography, Kay started a photography group over at Scrapsupply. she's SO talented and driven to improve her own personal photography and decided to start a photography group with weekly challenges. i need to get over my fear of imperfection and give it a try.
  12. oh, i know. i can do kay's challenges, then take Lynn's class and finally learn how to edit my photos and make them look like i know what i'm doing. that's what i'll do.
  13. but i just feel so blah. how long of a recovery is this flu business? i still feel zapped.
  14. you'd think having the flu for a week and not eating the whole week would help a girl lose 10 pounds. you'd think, right? wrong.
  15. i don't like to read. i feel lazy when i sit and read. don't know why, just do. but every time i see someone blog about a new book that they loved, it makes me wish i didn't have a hang up about reading.
  16. the thought occurs to me on a daily basis, that there really is more to this life than just eating, sleeping, working, repeat. it boggles my mind how everything is so perfectly ochestrated all.the.time. it's often overwhelming to think about how very BIG the world is, but how small i am. and then i wonder how can little 'ole me make a difference in the world?
  17. i need a vacation. where should i go?
  18. i think i discovered how to kick the drinking soda habit! wanna know how? go get yourself infected with the flu.
  19. on second thought. don't. there really are alternative methods......i just haven't figured them out yet.
  20. i never did continue my Unexpected Detours series.......hmmmmmmmm.......i think i just found some blog material.
  21. i'm lonely. surprise.
  22. doug has been resident chef since i haven't cooked a meal in, ummmmmmm, i don't know how long. i need to fix that. he hasn't complained though. he likes cooking. i like cooking too. when i have time and don't have 2 kids beating each other over the head right beside me. which lately is never.
  23. how do you deal with sibling rivalry in your home? we need major intervention over here.
  24. i have nothing else to offer. really, i don't.
  25. is there anything you're just dying to know about me? ask away. i'll answer if i feel like it. ha.
happy monday friends!


  1. Glad you're feeling better. You will love the Dale Chihuly exhibit. He does some wonderful stuff. There's a glass museum across the water from us that has a working glass blowers studio...lots of Dale stuff.

  2. Tania,
    You and I have some similiar things going on right now. I can tell you one thing I've learned - having a good friend move to another state doesn't help!

    Rivalry...I can't figure it out. Everything is a battle these days. Even the things that don't matter for anything are a competition. Ugh.

    I'm trying to hang in there and just keep moving. Best I can think of right now.

  3. You should really pick up a book. Reading makes one sound a heck of a lot more educated!

  4. thanks rachael giallongo. i appreciate your anonymous comment.

  5. I am so excited that you went to the museum and found out Chihuly is going to be back in town in September. I am in love with his stuff and cant wait to see it again or see what new pieces they have brought!

  6. Quote- 4.i'm down to 3 more sessions in my class. what am i gonna do with myself after it's over? i've been going at warp speed since Thanksgiving---it feels weird to have n-o-t-h-i-n-g on my calendar to do now. nothing. how boring. i'm a girl who needs a project to focus on, or else i feel useless. End of quote

    But you do have something to work on. My next on line class over on Get it Scrapped- your In Loving Memory class. I have been looking forward to that one for awhile now.

  7. Boring it may be but take it easy or the bug will leap up and grab you again!

  8. Glad your feeling better too! As for sibling rivalry...we either make them kiss each other (they HATE that!) or bash their heads (not too hard) together(they hate that too but do giggle about it)! Ha! Or usually we put them in their rooms and they have to figure out how to work TOGETHER and clean it. 2 is easier than 4..good luck!

  9. Love your blog and your creative ideas. I found you through Courtney's blog. I am having a giveaway...come on over.

  10. I am glad you're back! ;) Hope that if we live in Columbus next year we might meet you at the Museum of Art...sounds like my kind of place!


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