Thursday, March 12, 2009

i see green!!!

and not just on this little ones feet----there's actually green growth peeking up from the hard cold soil in my flower beds!!! YAYAYAYAYAY! proof that spring really is on the horizon. the weather's been a big tease here lately.

2 days ago we flirted with near 80 degree temperatures....76 was the high. but yesterday? we wore winter coats again and flipped the furnace back to heat because it was only 34 degrees outside! crazy.

this morning emma was pouting on the way to school because she saw a few workers clearing brush from the creek bed and asked what they were doing. when i mentioned spring cleaning and warmer weather she got upset that she wouldn't be able to play in the snow anymore.

but this mamma hopes it doesn't snow again, for her heart can't take missing a single day of the new goodbye routine that is shared between her sweet girls in the mornings.

every (warmish) morning when we drop ashlyn off at school, emma rolls down her window, waving frantically and hollering "bye ashie". then as ashlyn gets almost halfway to the entry door, emma shouts "hey, wait!.....come back!" and she turns and with a silly grin on her face comes running back to the car and emma hands her a wad of fresh finger-combed fuzz from her babydolls head and they give each other a smooch and say "have a good day" at the same time.

and they do it every day now that it's warm(ish).

it's enough to melt your heart. (at least until the next time they start bickering, hahahhaa. just keepin' it real.)

i think i need a picture of's that sweet.

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  1. Those kids are just something special. They must have a great Mom and Dad.


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