Sunday, March 15, 2009


in a sea of pillows and blankets...and a reinactment of Finding Nemo.

not really sure why we ever buy toys for the kids, as pillows and blankets and empty boxes seem to satisfy them just fine.

when ashlyn was a toddler and Finding Nemo first released on DVD, she was mesmerized by the movie. and when i say mesmerized, i mean it in the strongest sense of the word. she could sit and watch it 3 times in a row without budging an inch. *could*, but didn't. but she did watch it frequently enough that for my own guilt, i switch it to play in Spanish mode every other time she did watch it so she could maybe learn a little something in the process. hahaha.

it's still a favorite.

stay tuned this coming week for some giveaways and details on my next class!


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