Monday, March 16, 2009

today went a little something like this.....

i woke up at 7:36am in emma's bed, without emma sprawled out all over me. hmmmm? apparently we like to play musical beds 'round these parts and one never knows which bed she will wake up in. heck, i never know which bed *I* am going to wake up in. 'tis quite fun. until you wake up 36 minutes late because you only set the alarm clock in two rooms and not all three---what was i thinking? apparently i wasn't. and really, i always have a back up alarm clock, also known as my husband. but said husband was swamped at work because 6 people decided to call off work today so he couldn't catch a break to make his routine morning call to make sure everyone is out of bed and on their way to a successful day.

i love his morning calls. he might not think i do, because i am SO not a morning person, but they get me through the morning when i otherwise just want to lock myself in my room and go back to sleep for another 2 hours. *so don't quit calling, babe, k?*

so, anywho. i was actually on the ball this weekend, so this morning i had everything under control. control is my middle name. i like to feel in control---really, though, i'm never in control. it frustrates me to no end. anywho. i knew where the clothes were, and the socks were matched, shoes already by the door, lunches packed. i had it together. totally in control.

smoooooooooth sailing.

so smooth i decided to go for mommy of the year award and let the darling princess sleep an extra 15 minutes. this earns me big points because she is SO not a morning person either. sleep is worth more than gold to her. by darling princess you know i mean ashlyn, right? because miss emma.....who we've now nicknamed "ladybug"----cute, eh?---is always up at the butt-crack of dawn. "sun's up mommy.....time to wake up.....time to wake up!" seriously. she NEVER wakes up in a bad mood. ever.

8:15AM, i've got my hair and makeup done, i'm dressed, emma's dressed, breakfast is served and it's time to wake up ashlyn. i go in and freak out a bit because i find a huge spot of dried blood all over her comforter---like the size of a grapefruit on steriods. super-sized. moments later discover that she's had a bloody nose that soaked through her comforter, sheets and mattress pad. how did she not wake up?

the wind was quickly taken from my sail and now my morning is not so smooooooth sailing anymore. she's got dried blood in her hair, all over her face......just everywhere. anyone who's ever dealt with a sensory disorder child will know how quickly things can change when something as simple as cleaning up a bloody nose has to take place. she HATES water on her face. hates it in the strongest sense of the word. i'll save you the details, but we did get her cleaned up, hair washed and dried again, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed and only out the door 4 minutes later than usual........but still made it to school on time.

i did a little jig in my seat for that accomplishment.

the girls do their cute little goodbye, farewell routine and we wait for her to walk through the door and then start to drive away.

and i hear......thump, thump. hmmmmmm. that's weird. i better check it out. so i pull into a parking spot and instantly........."swwwwwwwwwwwwwwssssssshhhhhhhh." my tire is losing air FAST. like totally flat in less than a minute. niiiiiiiiiiiice.

i have no purse and no cell phone with me. you already know my love/hate relationship with that phone. turns out i better learn to love it a little bit more since i always seem to need the darn thing.

back into the school we trudge to make that call to mr. alarm clock. but mr. alarm clock can't leave work. absolutely not. remember? 6 people called off. long story short(er), suzi saved the day and got emma to school and me to work and my day was rather uneventful from there.

sometimes i look over my shoulder trying to find the cameras taping my life just waiting for someone to jump out of the bushes hollering "smile, you're on candid camera!"

never a dull moment in my world.............never.ever.


  1. And you made the best of that ROCK girl!! Here's hoping today is mucho better!

  2. Wow! In my book you're Super Woman!! Tomorrow can only be better, right?


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