Tuesday, March 10, 2009

with all the technology & knowledge we have....

tell me why they don't have a vaccine for strep yet, would ya?
all week last week emma grace kept complaining of a tummy ache----not an uncommon occurance for the past year. nothing else hurt, no fever, still playful and eating, but by wednesday on the way to school the complaint of belly pain was coupled with a headache too.

i just knew she was in the beginning stages of strep. i mean, she's had it 3 times already this year....there's no mistaking when you've got a child who never seems to get better.

really, she's sick more than she's well. they keep telling me it has something to do with being in daycare, but i don't buy that. she's only been in daycare a year and our, sometimes weekly, visits to the doctor started well before then.

why didn't they just take her tonsils out when they did her adenoid removal and put tubes in her ears? i just don't understand that.

this is the thing that's most perplexing me today.

so she's now been on omnicef since thursday and the complaints seem to be getting worse. and now she's got a lovely, deep in the chest cough to go along with it. and the asthma attacks three nights in a row to go along with it is enough to frazzle anyone's nerves.

*sigh* i wish i could be sick instead of her.

can anyone recommend a good daily vitamin for a 4 year old who has an aversion to any type of chewable? she's also not a candy eater so the gummies are out too.


  1. They make liquid drops for infants. I used to put it in a few tablespoons of applesauce or a even a little koolaid.

    Have they checked her asthma meds? Last year, we went through the SAME thing (and my son was also 4)... they found that his controller med wasn't controlling anymore, and his allergies/asthma were causing enough havoc in his little system to make him more vulnerable to EVERY bug out there. They changed the meds up, and within a week he was back to normal.

  2. You could try crushing up the regular ones and mixing the powder in something like pudding or applesauce.

  3. Well they took my sons tonsils out and it didn't help, so don't feel bad about that. But-and this is not a cheap solution-have your house checked for mold. Said son was a military dependent and his med records were 3" thick. His ped dr gave me her home ph# so I could call her when we were on the way to the ER. Long story-there was an undetected leak in the roof and the inside of the walls of his bedroom were covered in mold. We moved-no asthma attacks for many years.

  4. vitaball - gumball vitamins.

  5. have you tried essiac tea? I use it with my kids and we've had the best year yet (I have seven.)
    and in the far fetched catagory, call the church and have someone pray for her. My son was healed (and I mean he was severe) of asthma after prayer.


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