Monday, April 20, 2009

i think i need a chart and graph....and a pinch of sanity too.

this has been our life since friday. i can't hardly keep all the dosing straight without a complicated chart to remind me.

morning she needs allegra and steriods. dinnertime she needs omnicef. bedtime she needs allegra, steriods, singular and her inhaler. it sounds easy all typed out like that, but it's rather confusing when it's actually time to get it all together.

it doesn't seem possible that a 4 year old should need to take 5 medications to keep one health issue under control. i'm quite thankful that we only have today and tomorrow left for one of them--the steriod. and in 5 more days we'll be back to the regular 2 daily meds and her inhaler, as needed. thankfully she's awesome at taking medicine so we don't have to get creative trying to get it in her.

but, i want my sweet baby girl back. i've had enough of the " 'roid rage ". seriously, she's a completely different child since we started her on the steriods---full of anger and irritability. totally not herself.

but she is doing much, much better. i guess sometimes you have to rob peter to pay paul.

thank you for all the great quiet activity ideas...she's really enjoying them.

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  1. Wow Tania, that does sound like a whole lot of meds for one little 4 year old. I sure hope she can get rid of all these symptoms soon and feel like herself again. It is hard to picture such a pretty little girl so angry. Hope each day gets better.


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