Wednesday, April 01, 2009

i've been fooled.


the preschool art is totally unrelated, but i thought i'd share 'cause it makes me smile. and it is rather rainy today.

in other news, this morning, i went in to ashlyn's room and sat on the side of her bed, just like i do every morning, and rubbed her back until she woke up. she's so not a morning person, so it takes a little while for her to wake up and get moving.

she usually stretches out, then cuddles back up to the fetal position, and does it all over again a few times before wiping the crust from her eyes and seeing the sun shine in. then the whining begins........."mommy, i don't wanna get up." "mommy, i don't wanna go to school today." "mommy, i didn't get any sleep 'cause emma was crying last night."

but this morning, she struggled a bit to open her eyes, and in her whiney voice started in "mommy, ummmm, " then a smirk planted on her face, and she continued---this time not so whiney..."you have a booger on your shirt." giggle*giggle*giggle.

man, i love that kid. (can it be april fools every morning?)


  1. LOVE the umbrella---I KEEP EVERYTHING my son has made at school. They have become my Prized possessions.

  2. I love that craft! Reminds me of a tie-dye T-shirt.

  3. Well I'll be different...I love he booger comment :) These are the moments.... :)

  4. Something for easter that my dad did was not the traditional hide of easter eggs. He used other methods like ontop of the celing fan. BALANCE IS KEY. Or in other thought proccess places that made me think about it and got me looking for things in more detail. it hactually works out in my everyday life too.

    Also we would bake cookies like chocolate chip and oatmeal and give them out to neighbours so they could enjoy them. Not just about family but about friends. We would make little bags and give them to our neighbours and let them enjoy.


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