Tuesday, March 31, 2009

enlighten me.


so it turns out that our trip to the doctor was reassuring, in that emma doesn't have pneumonia again, but instead a horrid bought with her allergies right now.

we were told by her pediatrician that her allergist doctor sent correspondence suggesting that if she had continuing recurred sinus infections and coughing that won't subside after months of treatment then she'd be a prime candidate for allergy immunotherapy----a.k.a. weekly allergy shots. especially because we already did surgery to remove her adenoids.

we've tried everything with this kid. well, everything BUT allergy shots.

when she feels bad she begs to go to the doctor. if i tell her the doctor is closed she then whines for me to take her to the hospital. poor thing. and her tummy always hurts. not sure if that is all the drainage from allergies or if that's from all the medicine irritating her belly.

so while we wait to get her into the allergy specialist again, we are adding 2-times-a-day intakes of Allegra to her Singulair intake and spot using the inhaler when needed.

thankfully after just a day of Allegra she is night and day. just occassionally coughing......not the all day coughing and choking on all the drainage. ick.

i'm just dreading doing this once a week shot thing because with all she's been through she still has such a positive perspective about doctors and hospitals, but i'm afraid that weekly shots is going to make her start being afraid of the doctor.

can you mom's out there that are reading who have kids that have been through allergies enlighten me a little bit with your knowledge/experiences with allergy shots and share some tips on how to survive weekly shots with a 4 year old?


  1. Hey Tania, I had allergy shots for a year and I hate needles but these didnt really hurt as they were smaller needles and at the doctor office that I worked at for a year had alot of kids that came in each week and they never seemed to mind cause they knew that the shots were what were making them feel better and not having to take so many pills. I know thats not much help but a little bit of my experience.

  2. I've`always just been completely honest with my son... explaining the shots an HIS level, but still as acurately as possible(he had them last spring for about 3 months to get him over the worst of the spring allergy season). I basically just told him how this special type of meds didn't work if he ate them, but it would help his allergies if they put it under his skin.

    The needle is very small, and it's very quick, and the dr's office was great to work with... very kid friendly.

    The fact that he also stopped coughing constantly and got some SLEEP was also a big enough difference that even at 5 years old he saw the meds helping.

    His asthma is better controlled this season, so we're going to attempt to make it through without the shots, but I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if needed.

    Hope that helps some.

  3. Hi Tania! My father has allergy, I have allergy, and of course, my 5 year old daughter has allergy too! She has been through the same as your daughter, adenoids surgery, and she started the allergy shots 3 months ago. Before the treatment, she was always coughing a lot, I spent a lot of long nights watching her and doing inhalation, so she could just breathe a little more easier. But now, she is so,so fine!! She takes the shots every monday, my husband talk a lot about this with her, explains that taking the shots she doesn´t need to go to the hospital again( she hates hospitals!), and after 3 months, of course she still cries, because it hurts, but after 2 minutes, she is playing and laughing again....so, be calm, your daughter will be ok!
    a kiss from Brazil!

  4. Also if you make it something benefiting her letting her know that its waht makes her feel better some kids dont mind. You cant look afraid of the needle you have to show her how strong you are nad she is during this time.

    I was picked up and held down as a child and to this day I am still affraid of needles.

    I have had one injection done that didnt feel it I let the Dr know Ok I am ready for it and he said already done.

    Then I realized that DR could do that every time.

    Hey just let her know that the pains hsould ease. I know about alergy pains you feel awful and want to go crawl away some where.

    Hope this helps. She knows its good so she might not find this a problem if no one else tells her its going to hurt she wont know. So when it doesnt no harm. Also find a good nurse and stick with her doing them.


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