Monday, March 30, 2009

is it spring yet?

brrrrrrrrrr. it's cold here this morning. i always forget how long we endure this back and forth Ohio weather. 72 degrees one day, 31 the next. such a tease. *sigh* it's like a constant yo-yo.

heh. much like my life as of late. one minute i'm plugging along getting tons accomplished and the next i hit a brick wall and end up down for the count.

i did something to my back at work on friday and have been in pain ever since. i suppose i shouldn't complain because i've been pain-free (of back issues) for several months now. anywho. the inflammation is pressing on my nerve making it difficult to do much of anything. AND the little one is sick again.

with her, one sickness blends right into the next---i think it's walking pneumonia, again. she's coughing too much and choking on her phlegm....and wheezing. do kids outgrow asthma? please say yes. i do think all my gray hair is a direct result of worrying about this kid.

wishing i could say my day will be as peaceful as that picture looks. it's promising to be a busy one. i think i'll spend at least 3 hours just driving back and forth everywhere.
*already got one kiddo to school
*photograph layouts at home
*take other kiddo to doctor clear across town
*back to preschool
*order both flower girl dresses
*hit the bank
*work my day job
*post office
*home for dinner, familytime, baths, snuggles
*answer emails
*proof/resize photos
*down to studio to work
*bed by 1am.

busy, busy.


  1. some kids do outgrow asthma. Mine hasn't had an attack since she was 4 with the exception of right after she had the flu last year. There is hope.

  2. I live in Ohio and get so tired of the back and forth...


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