Saturday, April 25, 2009

upcoming on the blog...

first of all, THANK YOU for leaving such sweet comments for ashlyn. i just had a chance to sit down and read them with her and she is beaming with joy. she says "i just love them mommy."

so upcoming in the next week (or so) are stories about:
not listed in any particular order

  • emma having a baby....a baby sister.
  • organ donation
  • funny one-liners straight from the mouths of my girls
  • doug walking the dog
  • our weekend adventure outdoors
  • emma's continued obsession
  • the name game---i need your help.
  • lists, lists, and more lists.
  • our collections
  • photo share
  • emma & chocolate
see you Monday........i'm off to enjoy the 80+ degree weather we're having. whatever you have planned for the weekend i hope you enjoy it!


  1. Hello my dear!!

    I Emma going to have a baby --- a baby sister? Just wondering?


  2. If Tania is going to have a baby, Doug would probably be a little upset.........:-)


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