Friday, April 24, 2009

spring is here!

(tulips in the sideyard of our neighbors house across the street)

every year i see these tulips come up and every year i say to myself "self, go take a picture of that mound of tulips." and every year, i brush those self-indulgent thoughts away telling myself that it's such a silly thing to do.

but this year....i decided being self-indulgent was perfectly okay for a pretty little picture----or 50! aren't they lovely?

last night ashlyn and i went to calling hours at the funeral home to support her teacher who lost her 45 year old husband suddenly. ashlyn was so sad for their daughter (her friend) who is only a kindergarten student. so we needed a little happy last night. coming around the corner those tulips caught my eye, as they always do, and it was just minutes before sunset. doug was out with emma, so it was the perfect time to indulge in a little 5-minute photography session.

most of them have a beautiful little girl in them with a sassy haircut, but i have no time to resize and share them all today. soon, though. very soon.

they all make me so ridiculously happy. or as ashlyn would say......"you're so ridonkulous, mom." with a little hairflip and eyeroll and a little giggle. where do they get this stuff?


  1. Those tulips are beautiful. I'm forever walking around & taking pictures of my flowers.

  2. Oh those are beautiful!


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