Saturday, May 30, 2009

i LOVE thrifting.

and i love it even more when i land upon an unexpected yard sale and walk away feeling full and inspired. part of the thrill of yard saling/thrifting, for me, is that you just never quite know what you're going to find.

sure i have a mental list of the things i'm keeping an eye out for. always.....
  • early reader books for the girls
  • clothes for the girls
  • vintage sheets/pillowcases to repair a quilt that doug's granny made that needs some tender care
  • picnic supplies - blanket/tableclothes
  • pots & pans since we cook so many meals at home and we're still using the ones from our wedding 14 years ago
  • booster carseat

and then there are the things you'd like to have, and if you find them perfect...if not, you'll survive.

  • legos.....yet those have kinda fallen off the list thanks to the generous nature of a friend
  • adult bike so we can bike as a family
  • home decor items
  • planting containers to start a container garden
  • old chandeleir to paint & repurpose

but then there are always those few little things that catch my eye that at one time my heart had a desire for and then it kinda went away. but then as soon as you see it at a yard sale it makes your heart pitter patter a little bit and you know that it's mean to be. kinda like the wobby quilt holder/rack that i found yesterday.

so, for $10, at a church yard sale held where emma goes to preschool, i got:

  • a set of 4 nesting tupperware mixing bowls with pour spouts, 75 cents
  • a 300 piece puzzle, 50 cents
  • that afaghan that you see up there, $1!!!!! it's our new picnic blanket. *smile*
  • 2 oblong tableclothes, 50 cents each
  • an unopened pack of Mach3 razor blade refills, 50 cents
  • a bag stuffed full of sandbox toys, buckets, shovels, 75 cents
  • 5 early reader books, 10 cents each
  • a wobbly quilt holder, $2 (doug tightened all the screws and it doesn't wobble! YAY!)
  • a brand new latchhook kit for ashlyn, 50 cents
  • another pair of froggy boots, 50 cents (i thought they were the next size up--they aren't)
  • 4 brand new mini-tart tins, 25 cents each
  • 2 vintage pillow cases, 25 cents each
  • a dress for emma, 50 cents

and even better, all the money goes right back into the preschool for games, activities, field trips and programs for the kids!

i call that a successful 1/2 hour of thrifting! anyone else like to recycle.reuse.repurpose and thrift?


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  1. Me, me, MEEEEEEE!

    I went thrifting just yesterday. I ended up with about two yards of black and white polka dotted fabric, eyelet fabric, large eyelets, two dozen round belt buckles, a bazillions D-ring belt buckles and three frames --- all for two bucks.

    Then, I hit up goodwill for more frames. Three larger frames for two bucks.

    Those frames will soon be painted in white and will house a revolving art gallery for the K-girl's room.


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