Monday, June 01, 2009

gosh, i love this kid!

i totally, completely forgot about taking these pictures until i was proofing some other pictures this morning. just looking at them takes me back to the day i took them, back in April. it was the night i took her to the funeral home for visiting hours. one of her teachers lost her husband and they have a little girl that ashlyn is also friends with and ashlyn just had to go. so we went.

anywho. when ashlyn is alone without emma around she's a completely different child. i mean completely different. the rough around the edges attitude and defensiveness seem to melt away and she discovers what it means to giggle and laugh and be silly. i wish i could just bottle it up. i love that i was able to capture her joy!






so, as of today:
  • her favorite candy is still tootsie rolls
  • her favorite frozen treat is fudgecicles
  • she's addicted to sugar
  • she can read almost anything you put in front of her
  • she is constantly begging to practice spelling, spelling bee style
  • she loves to read to emma
  • they still have a love-hate relationship....loads of sibling rivalry going on
  • she's lost 7 teeth
  • she tries to squeeze herself into her size 6 "skinny jeans" because she loves the holes in the knees
  • more often than not she's wearing a skirt with her pink flats that are about worn out
  • she has to create ART every day, in fact it's almost always the first thing she does when she wakes up
  • she like to pretend to be the teacher
  • she has the monkey bars mastered without anxiety
  • she'd rather listen to music than watch TV.
  • when she does watch TV her first choice is Arthur.
  • she still asks for something by saying "pretty please with love and blood." LOL.
  • she still drinks warm milk
  • she won't go for a ride in the car or go to bed without her dolly
  • she still sucks her thumb to go to sleep
  • and a new little quirk.....anytime she picks something up, she has to toss it in the air & catch it 5 times before she does something with it.



  1. oh gosh i love your kids too! :)
    Ashlyn has such a presence no matter what mood she may be in Sleepy(which she would never admit too)bored, mad, sad, whatever the mood she always seems to make the best of it and can make you smile with just a look. I am so glad you have allowed me to be a part of their lives. everytime I am with them they find another way to make me smile and another way to make me love them just a little bit more! how did you luck out with such cute kids?! lol :)

  2. Adorable photo and update, Tania!!!!

  3. Those are great pics of her with all the tulips..all of them are just adorable! Love the colors!

    Such happy smiles!


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