Sunday, May 10, 2009

lie to me...

the david cook lyrics to the chorus of the song "Lie" keep ringing in my head, over and over, like a broken record stuck on repeat today.....

lie to me
and tell me
that it's gonnna be okay

just lie to me
and tell me
that i'll make it through the day

lie, lie, lie.........

this is my second mother's day without my mom, and somehow i think it's harder than last year. i'm certain i was still in shock last year.

hugs to all of my friends that have this common bond of having a mother that has passed on from this life. i know you are struggling with the celebrations of Mother's Day today too---just trying to make it through the day without your momma.

HUGE (((((HUGS))))


  1. Hugs back Tania. It's a hard thing to live with I'm sure. My husband's mother passed 4 years ago and he still has problems on this day.


  2. Hugs darlin..Be Gentle. It does get easier as the holidays roll around.


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