Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a quick photo share...

i don't have time to give a report on the wedding at the moment, but it was GORGEOUS! i'll hopefully have time to put down some more details in the next few days.....maybe it'll be a little here and there over the next week. who knows. i took over 750 photos between the rehearsal, dinner, wedding, and reception. shocking, i know.

i know the family is anxiously awaiting seeing the girls in their dresses. hopefully this shot will hold you over until i have a moment to resize pictures.

but first.........my new favorite photo EVER.
my brother, Greg--the groom, sneaking some time away from the dance floor to sit with Grandma. not sure what the conversation was about but knowing Grandma it was a little gem of wisdom that he won't soon forget.

and the girlies....

happy tuesday....


  1. These are sweet photos Tania. The girls look precious in those dresses.


  2. Tania, your girls are so beautiful. Absolutely precious. I was wondering how the wedding went. I am so glad that the weather stayed nice.


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