Tuesday, June 09, 2009

RAW to jpeg. HELP.

so, there have been no updates.

wanna know why?

well, because being the awesome photographer that i am (said with thick sarcasm), i ended up setting my camera to RAW mode and all (seven) of ashlyn's assembly photos were taken.

then i get home and put them on my computer and realize changing them from RAW to jpeg isn't an easy feat if you don't have the proper software.

so, there they sit. it RAW format.
and i need them to be in jpeg format.
well, only 2 or 3 of them.

any of my lovely blog readers wanna give it a shot?

my in-laws will be ever so grateful to see their darling granddaughter holding her trophy.


  1. Hi. Can't help with editing in RAW, but if you have Picasa (free of the net) you can upload and "see" the raw files. You can then export it to Pdf files.

  2. I'm a very amateur photographer ! LOL

    I usually upload to a Corel program and just found out that my Canon camera (very simple point and shoot) had some pretty cool software with it, including a RAW whatever. I'm not sure how to use it but try and take a look -see.

  3. If you email me one , I'll try and see if I can do it. I have no clue what I'm doing but more than willing to try !

    Maybe someone that knows something will stop by!

  4. your camera should have come with the software to switch it...i have a canon rebel xt and mine came with it..you may hve to put the disc that came with your camera back in and upload that software. good luck!
    julie cope

  5. haha.

    i might try that....*if* i can find the disk.

    thanks for all the help!


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