Thursday, June 04, 2009

last day of school, last day of school....

and so the journey ends.

the Princess is downright beside herself that after today she won't have school for a while.

we're headed out in a minute to watch her award ceremony----still don't know what awards she's getting. some sort of academic something or other and the spelling bee trophy. there will be pictures. but i'm almost certain it will be in the dark, hot, sweat-smelling gym with that horrible yellow-hued lighting. *sigh*

me? i'm just hoping i don't pass out from my heart racing. i had another episode of heart issues last night and couldn't sleep because i also had tremors with it. chest pain, arm numb, heart racing, shaking uncontrolably, and a general feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest. no fun. it makes me feel like a freak show.

i'm thinking that the starbucks i ordered with my giftcard wasn't decaf afterall, even when i asked them a couple times to be sure because of said heart problem. i haven't had caffeine since April 2008......until last night, i think.

i could live my whole life and never experience that again. it's no fun to have the heart problem that i have.

gotta go wake the girlies and get ready........sorry for the fluff post. i alive, and feeling somewhat better, and ready to get this Summer party started!


  1. Tania I hope you feel better today. Hope the girls get lots of awards.

  2. Hope you are feeling better today for the awards ceremony. I myself LOVE them. My son's was last week--he received 6 awards!!!!!!!

    2 math
    1 reading (over 50 points)
    Honor roll
    Exceeding 2 areas of CRCT
    Social Studies Achievement (highest average in his class)

    YEAH--who wouldn't be proud of that--He had a SUPER year--even made

    can't wait to see your photos!

  3. {{{{HUGS}}}}

    Hope you are feeling better! Some people just don't understand the seriousness of DECAF needing to be DECAF ! I hope that's all it was and you are now back to being cheery and chipper!

    patty 2832


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