Monday, August 17, 2009

out with the green, in with the blue...

on tuesday of last week emma all the sudden refused to eat or drink anything unless it was a blue freeze pop.

i put out the SOS call for some and grandma came to the rescue. turns out she had just bought a box of the frozen treats a week prior and it wasn't what she thought they were. it also turns out that she has my nephew often on fridays and his favorite guessed it..........GREEN! so we got rid of all those green and snagged her blue.

i put emma in the car and off we went to gather them up. she ate a few while talking to grandma, then she ate two more during the 10 minute drive home. then, all the sudden she refused to eat and drink again.

she didn't want anything to do with anything or anybody except snuggling with her blankie and new stuffed friends.....

or playing on the laptop...which she could sit and do for hours and hours---but only when she's sick.

and she became lethargic, and tired, and cranky, and slept most of the day tuesday and wednesday. it was no longer a chore to get her medicine in her---she was actually asking for it every 4 hours.

so, in an effort to get her drinking again so she didn't get dangerously dehydrated, daddy made her a deal. he said i want to take you somewhere fun, but the deal is, you can only go if between each game you take two drinks of water. they were only there a short time, but she downed two cups of water and was spoiled rotten by the staff with extra gifts and a balloon to make her feel better.

when doug and i were out at the store we noticed 18pk eggs were marked down to $1. and i knew i had some egg dye at home that i bought on clearance for a rainy day. so, in an effort to get her off the laptop and cure my new hatred for the game Candyland---which we've played in excess--i boiled up some eggs before leaving for work on friday. yep. that's right. doug kept ashlyn home from daycare and they spent a few hours coloring easter eggs. in august. cause that's what cool parents do. *wink*


while i was worried about my girl not eating or drinking and making a call to the doctor to find out what steps to take other than forcing it down her, she was at home making a liar of me. friday, she suddenly took a turn and overnight went from being in intense pain to barely any pain at all and even slept through the night without waking for pain medicine! hallelujah! i wasn't looking forward to an ER visit for IV fluids.

today, she's back at school, readjusting and reacquainting herself with the lovely classmates that showered her with cards while she was away. mostly because during free-play ashlyn gathered the troops to make cards for her sister.

isn't this the sweetest?

only problem is, the feeling wasn't so mutual this morning. she did NOT want anything to do with going back to daycare whatsoever. she's wrapped around daddy's little finger and didn't want to let him go back to work this morning. that made for a very interesting morning. heh.

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  1. I laughed at your comment about candyland. I have a friend that HATES that game, I LOVE it! My mom played it with me every day and I am upset with the modern board. Vintage, baby! ;) I don't know about you, but in our house, it's freaky, the kids ALWAYS win. I could be so close from winning and bam, I am back in the forest!
    So happy to hear she felt better for the weekend and that her classmates made her cards---soooo sweet!! TFS, tania


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