Sunday, August 23, 2009

scrap sunday.

it's sunday again.......and my turn to host the blog challenge over at Get It Scrapped!

i have scraps here and scraps there and scraps everywhere in my studio! overwhelmed with scrapbooking scraps! i really need to get focused today and get them organized!

so today, I'm giving you a little peek into the scrapbooking projects in which i've used those scraps---both are examples from my upcoming class starting September 7: Scrapbooking with Fabric!


(this is my new favorite handmade embellishment and i'm having a hard time resisting putting them on everything in sight)

i know....such a tease! BUT, now it's your turn! since i've deemed it scrap sunday,
  • snap a picture of a current scrapbooking project in the works, or
  • tell me (and/or show me) how you store your scrapbooking scraps, or
  • show me where you scrap!

hope your day is wonderfully creative and inspiring!



  1. TEASE! And is it really on Sept. 7??? Seems so far away ... anyway, I snapped a photo of my scraps, but it scared even me ... and no way can I show you my space (those scraps just do not stay contained!), so I posted my latest creation to show you!

  2. Oh, I meant to also say that I have gotten all items for your class, except for the fabric stablizer ... Walmarts doesn't have a great number of things in stock ... fact is they don't even have embroidery floss anymore. Go figure!


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