Friday, September 25, 2009

confession: i'm really and extroverted introvert.

i've seen a pattern (i just typed patterned, LOL....too much scrapbooking).....anywho.....i've seen a pattern in myself when my schedule becomes overwhelming, or times are uncertain, or i have a lot on my mind, or too many curveballs are thrown in my path.

what's the pattern? well, i tend to pull away and turn in toward myself. i become introverted. quiet. distant. whatever you want to call it.

i feel myself doing it a lot and it irks me---this character trait of mine. i'm definitely a thinker and an analyzer. pull it apart. put it back together. what about this scenario. or that scenario.

in other words, i think way too much. the introvert in me comes out to hang, and i think. when this happens i feel part of myself slip away. the fun, creative, carefree part.

then once i become introverted, i have a hard to hanging it back up and donning my extroverted personality again. i hate that. can you be taught to not be a thinker?

all that to say.......when i feel myself becoming an extroverted introvert my blog gets the short end of the stick--neglected. 'cause i just feel quiet. lately it's been heavily scrapbooking focused and not a whole lot of real-life ramblings going on.

wait. maybe i'm really an introverted extrovert? i dunno.

either way, i want to blog the little details again. the little ones that might not matter to anyone but me.

starting tomorrow...heh. feeling a little introverted today. *grin*

PS........thank you all for your prayers and concern for ashlyn. the support you're offering is not going unnoticed. we'll make it through. :o)



  1. You have alot on your mind right now and I think this is normal to pull long as you don't stay there...if you do...we will miss you!!

  2. Hang in there...I totally understand, becuase I am exactly the same just took it one step farther an gave it a name! like Martha said...I think its a natural defense mechanism...we're unhappy about something, we pick it apart (until theres nothing left of it), we find the answer, and we fix it...those last two parts are the hardest it seems...but the whole process is all for not if we don;t re-emerge from our inverted state with a whole new outlook on life! At least thats what I tell myself!


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