Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i finally made it happen...


i've been thinking for a while now about opening an etsy shop, and this weekend that thinking finally blossomed into a reality. YAY.

so what made me finally do it?

well, honestly, all it took was Spidergirl getting sick again. my blogging of real-life has been pretty non-exsistent lately as we are dealing with yet another round of illness.

*for my new readers, Spidergirl is my youngest daughter (obsessed with Spiderman), who is 4 years old and has undergone 3 surgeries in the past year because of her repetitive ear infections and strep throat. she's had tubes in her ears, adenoidectomy, and most recently her tonsils removed and a revision adenoidectomy because the tissue grew back. she has strong asthmatic reactions to dust, mold, dogs and cats, which often result in a trip to the ER for breathing treatments. long story short--she's constantly sick.*

because of her allergies and asthma, she can't just get a normal cold. nope. never. it always lingers on, this time going on 3 weeks, with lots of wheezing---and turns into walking pneumonia. which this time got her a lovely prescription for her 26th.....yeah, you're reading that right....26th antiobiotic. she's only 4.

currently, i'm not thinking it will be something that i have a strong focus on, but enough of a focus to help pay down Spidergirl's medical bills & make up the slack when i have to stay home with her. since i'm a part-time employee i don't have sick time--so i don't get paid when i don't work. we're very thankful we have insurance, but insurance doesn't pay it all--especially her costly prescriptions since she's allergic to mold and can only take 2 types of antiobiotics without a reaction.

for now, my Beautifully Handmade etsy shop is loaded with beautifully handmade (inside and out) greeting cards. in the future i plan on updating with handmade embellishments, possibly scrapbook supplies, custom embellished hair clips and most certainly more cards.

of course i'll let you know whenever there is a shop update. i'm excited for new possibilities!



  1. Tania ... kudos to you girlo!
    Well done on taking life in both your hands and making steps like this happen for you!
    I think it's awesome when someone in your situation does something like this!
    Blessings for your venture!! Hope you are blessed out of your socks with your sales!!!!

  2. PS - totally love your new photo! ;)

  3. Sorry to hear about Spidergirl--my son is going to the doctor again today with a sore throat.

    and Congrats on your etsy shop--I'll check it out a little later today

  4. Andrea (Louisville, KY)9/22/2009 09:28:00 AM

    hi tania!

    think im your first customer!! just ordered 6 cards and i LOVE them!!

    i love following your blog!
    have a great day-

  5. I just wanted to tell you that as a child I also had all of the same health issues your dd has and believe it or not, it really did get better. I ended up on allergy shots for five years prior to my teen years but it worked. I still got ill about once or twice a year but not to that extreme anymore (I was hospitalized dozens of times before I was even in school). So don't fret, it will get better.

    And cheers on the new store! :)

  6. Congrats on opening an etsy shop!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Spidergirl. I will be praying. I just purchased some of your fabric flowers and would love to see the hair clips and any hair accessories. My girls have long hair and I'm always looking for pretty things for them. Thanks, Tania!


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