Monday, October 05, 2009

i could tell you.....

i could tell you how excited i am that i actually sat and matched an entire laundry basket full of socks---but then you'd think i'm a loon for getting excited over such a silly thing.

and i could tell you how incredibly sad and depressing the movie Sunshine Cleaning is---but, really that's my opinion and you might not think so.

and i could tell you how very scared i am that last night ashlyn told me the morphea on her leg was hurting (a first) and "look mommy the part on my tummy is changing and bubbly"---but then i'd fear i'm causing everyone to worry....please pray instead.

or i could tell you how smooth and meltdown-free my morning was with the young set---but then i'd surely be jinxing myself come tomorrow morning.

i could tell you how awesome the pumpkins look that the girls painted yesterday (we paint instead of carve)---but, i'd rather just show you tomorrow.

so, instead i'll tell you how very opposite Princess and Spidergirl are........

i came home from work Friday and noticed a praying mantis on the front of the house. clearly out of his element and looking for a way to climb the side of the house. so i went in and hollered for the girls to come take a look at something i discovered. i remember sitting on Grandma's porch watching these bugs for hours when i was a kid.

they have no clue what i have to show them, so they both come bouncing out of the house---they love surprises. Ashlyn shrieks and jumps back, shaking in her boots totally afraid that it's going to jump on her and eat her alive. Spidergirl calmly says "Mom! it's a praying mantis." and follows it quickly with an "awwwwwwwwww, he's looking at me. he's so cute."


after a minute of Spidergirl oogling over this thing Ashlyn finally thinks it's pretty cool too. she's off to grab her "bug jar" to safely return him to his home, which they determined was the tree trunk since that's what his body looked like.


total opposites.


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  1. Why are they always on houses? So odd. They give me the heebeejeebees the way they turn their head and follow you. shiver!
    But it is fun to share nature with the kiddos! :)


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