Monday, December 28, 2009

calling all blog readers!

it's that time again.........i need photos!

karen foster has some themed products coming out in the January tradeshow that i was assigned to do some work for.......BUT, i don't have the photos to match those themes. i've so far come up empty handed for a few of the themes.

if you have any photos to fit these themes, and are willing to email the (large resolution) files to me, i would be ever so appreciative! there might be a little goodie in it as well----ya know, a thank you package.

i'm in search of:
Wedding got enough of these, thank you!
Ice Hockey
Off Road (ATV, dirt bikes, etc) and working on these, thank you!
In Memory

OR, if you have a great resource for FREE stock photos, that will work too! i've already tried without much success.

please, and thank you!

(ps: i'll also need a Model Release Form signed for each person in the photo---i can email the form to you. photos will be displayed on the layouts i make only and not used for any other purpose. they layouts will be displayed at the tradeshow in Anaheim, CA and on


  1. Hey I have a friend whose son graduated last year, I can check with her if you want me to to see if you can use them

  2. I have graduation pics you can use if you'd like! Feel free to email me! :)


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