Wednesday, December 16, 2009

need help rebuilding my address book...

so, if you remember two months ago, i took my computer into the shop to be put through a virus detox. long story short, they didn't fix the problem the first time, or the second time. so i finally agreed to them wiping my computer clean and reinstalling Windows.

in the process they saved all my data to one folder, but can't seem to locate my 10,000+ emails or my entire address book! EEEEK!!!!

so, here's my me using that link over there by my picture so i can start rebuilding my address book. please?

if you don't email me, i will never be able to email you.
and while you're at it include your mailing address too.
please? and thank you!

PS....this includes all my family too. i wish i could say i have them all memorized, but--i don't.


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