Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh Tombow, how i love thee.


i often get asked what my favorite adhesive is for scrapbooking.

and people are always surprised when i say Tombow Mono Multi. reason being? because it's a liquid adhesive. i think a huge majority of scrapbookers use a tape runner or sticky tabs....double sided tape even. i always hear...."liquid glue is way too messy."

i think not!


why do i love Tombow Mono Multi adhesive? let me count the ways....
  1. it has dual tip end for fine line work such as adhering punched strips from my Fiskars border punches without gooping globs everywhere, and one broad tip for applying gooping globs and spreading with the broad tip such as edge to edge coverage for say covering a mini album
  2. it has dual a wet permanent adhesive AND if you apply and allow to dry before pressing paper to paper it works as a temporary adhesive. how cool is that! my favorite way to use it as a temporary adhesive is to squeeze out small drops onto waxed paper, allow to dry and voila! i have my own handmade glue boogers, errr, um, gluedots! no more fear of running out of gluedots at 2AM
  3. one bottle....retailing for around $2.99 has staying power! i seriously just completed 25 layouts and 7 cards for karen foster with one bottle and i STILL have glue left. don't let the small bottle deceive you!
  4. i haven't used any other adhesive in the last 4 years! i swear. it's my go to adhesive for everything and i include it in every class kit when i teach.
  5. it adheres my buttons too! um, yeah. love that!
  6. and paper to wood---no specialty glues needed baby! looooooooove it.
  7. they have an uber cool blog.........check it out!
in other news........Little Yellow Bicycle gave me the go ahead to share some sneak peeks.

the two in this post, BOTH made using Tombow Mono Multi (getcha some!) are just the tip of the iceberg. can anyone guess which paper is my favorite? LOL.

i'll be back soon to post a more proper (and extensive) review of this Snugglebug release!



  1. he Tombow Mono Aqua and use it all of the time. I have never seen the Multi, but think I need to find it. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the heads up...I'll be on the lookout for that Multi.

    I love your art work! :D

  3. Okay, you've convinced me to try the liquid Tombo lol.

  4. So really nice art work !
    I have to find this liquid Tombow !!!

  5. I am so glad you said something about the Tombow ... I received a bunch of stuff from them for free for testing out different products for them ... I have no idea how I got chosen, wish I knew so I could do it again! Anyway, I just kind of put the liquid glue to the side and thought I would never use it. But your post convinced me to get it out. I used it and I do love it! I did notice it bucked my photo a bit, but I probably put too much ... takes a lighter hand than I thought it would. So thanks! Got a good adhesive now! And easy to use!


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